"Gossip Girl" Star Leighton Meester in Lawsuit with Mom for Getting Botox

“Gossip Girl” star Leighton Meester, 25, is in a lawsuit with her mother who is accused of using money she had been sending to her for her brother’s medical expenses to pay for Botox injections and other cosmetic treatments. Meester’s mother Constance has been receiving $7,500 per month from her daughter in an effort to cover medical costs for her youngest brother Alexander who has some medical issues. Leighton is now caught up in a legal battle with her mother because she claims that her mom is using the money to pay for her own plastic surgery makeover. Meester has reportedly undergone Botox and other types of plastic surgery, and refuses to work.

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Leighton Meester’s Fight Over Plastic Surgery

According to USA Today, Leighton Meester says her mom “refuses to work and is using the money for Botox, plastic surgery and hair extensions.” Constance Meester has turned around and filed a lawsuit against her daughter, claiming that Leighton had promised her a one-time payment of $30,000 plus $10,000 per month, and she hasn’t paid her. She says that this is why she doesn’t have enough funds to pay for her son’s medical expenses, including a recent brain surgery. She also states that Leighton owes her money because of all the sacrifices she made to support Leighton’s career in the past decade.

Court documents indicate that Constance is unable to provide for her son’s care on her own, and had been depending on Leighton’s financial assistance since 2009. Leighton had volunteered to pay for health insurance and other expenses, but recently discovered that her mother had been using the funds for her own personal benefit.

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