Get Rid of Age Spots with Sandstone Matrix Skin Resurfacing

Fractional laser resurfacing procedures are among the most innovative skin rejuvenation treatments available in the United States and many can erase several years from your appearance. These innovative skin treatments can help to get rid of age spots, freckles, stretch marks and also correct many skin conditions. If you spent a lot of time in the sun this summer or have an uneven skin tone, you could be a good candidate for the Sandstone Matrix skin resurfacing procedure. This device can treat almost any area of the body and is especially effective for improving the condition of skin that has been overexposed to the sun and has traces of deeper skin damage.

If you want to improve the look and tone of your skin, get rid of age spots and reverse sun damage, talk to a qualified cosmetic dermatologist about the Sandstone Matrix skin resurfacing procedure. This procedure can undo much of the damage caused by tanning and overexposure to UV rays, and may be your best anti-aging skin rejuvenation strategy.

Anti Aging Benefits Sandstone Matrix Skin Resurfacing

The Sandstone Matrix skin resurfacing was first introduced to cosmetic dermatologist and other skin professionals at the American Academy of Dermatology (ADD) conferences in Spring 2010. Since then, many cosmetic dermatologists and medical spa professionals have added the device to their lineup of services. Like Fraxel and other fractional laser skin resurfacing procedures, the Sandstone Matrix skin resurfacing procedure promises a fast recovery time and can improve the appearance and tone of the skin gradually over six to eight weeks. Some people continue to see results for several months after their procedure.

Some of the key anti aging benefits of the Sandstone Matrix skin resurfacing procedure include:

  • Eliminates blemishes and dark patches of skin that are caused by sun damage
  • Tightens wrinkles and reduces appearances of lines
  • Improves the texture and contours of the facial tissues
  • Helps relieve acne, sores and whiteheads
  • Eliminate sun spots and age spots
  • Evens out a blotchy or uneven skin tone
  • Eliminates or reduces the appearance of scars

How the Sandstone Matrix Procedure Gets Rid of Age Spots

The Sandstone matrix skin resurfacing procedure uses a set of very small and precise laser beams to heat up and destroy damaged skin cells. The laser beam only affects age spots and cells that are already damaged so the rest of the skin tissue is left intact. This means that the skin can heal very quickly (much like Fraxel) and will continue to produce more collagen for several weeks – even months – after the procedure. The Sandstone Matrix skin resurfacing procedure is especially effective for getting rid of age spots completely after a single treatment.

If you’re finding it difficult to hide age spots or blemishes and want to rejuvenate your appearance, talk to a cosmetic dermatologist about the Sandstone Matrix skin resurfacing procedure. This innovative procedure can help to reverse many of the signs of aging and will give you a healthier, more youthful look!