Four Natural Ways to Reduce Cholesterol

Fish dinner for reduced cholesterol picture - LocateADoc.comAs with most things in nature, the body requires balance. A balance between low-density lipoproteins (LPLs) and high-density lipoproteins is vital to a healthy level of cholesterol. When people talk about reducing cholesterol, they really mean balancing it -reducing the level of LPLs and increasing the level of HPLs essentially. An increase in the level of HPLs is a natural way to make sure that LPLs are reduced, since the body aims for a healthy, natural balance. All of the ways to increase your HPLs to give yourself a more healthy cholesterol level are easily available and don’t require any special medicine.
Eating fish is a great way to get omega-3 into your system, along with eating flaxseed. Omega 3 actually lowers LDL cholesterol. Fish is the best source of omega-3, but for those who don’t eat it and refuse the option, taking the pure fish oil in tablet or liquid form is an alternative for you. Another great source of omega-3 is clams, which is great news for anyone who loves seafood. It’s easy to work some omega-3 into your diet, whether it means eating a few more clams or just taking an extra tablet a day.
Drinking orange juice is an incredibly effective way of increasing your HDL levels. Studies show that orange juice actually manages to balance out the HDL: LDL ratio, doing two jobs at once. In a study, the ratios of a select group of participants were balanced out by 16% by drinking three glasses of orange juice per day for just one month. Orange juice is effective and acts fast, whether it is fresh or from concentrate, despite what you may think about orange juice from the carton, you can’t deny that it works.
Here’s a surprise; drinking alcohol is good for you; in moderation, though, of course. Moderation means one glass of red wine a day for women, two glasses of red wine a day for men. It doesn’t have to be red wine, but red wine is a very healthy choice. It has important antioxidants which do wonders for the skin and body. Just don’t go too far with it; taking wine in excess has never done anyone much good, never mind the antioxidants. Alcohol is an easy way to raise your HDL levels. Combined with omega-3 and orange juice, you will find that you get a remarkable result.
Another, less surprising way to improve your cholesterol is exercise. Exercise is a catch-all solution to pretty much every health issue, so it’s no shock it can help level out the ratio of HDLs and LDLs. Exercise also helps control blood pressure, keeping you away from heart disease. Physical activity is one thing the body really requires, so try to spare 30 minutes a day for something as minor as a walk - it will do you a world of good, especially if you have a job which keeps you sitting down all day.

Photo By jessebezz [Creative Commons]