Five Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Whether you’re recovering from pregnancy, have lost a significant amount of weight, or made big changes in your diet that are affecting your skin tone, you may be left with unsightly stretch marks – consider them ‘proof’ of your experience.   

The good news? Stretch marks can be managed with some of today’s innovative cosmetic procedures. The bad news - you may be stuck with them for life without proper skin maintenance and care. Stretch marks can develop at any age, and become increasingly difficult to manage when the skin loses its elasticity and cannot ‘bounce back’ from trauma and rapid changes.  

If you’re looking for ways to improve your skin’s appearance and texture, a stretch mark removal procedure offers several benefits.

Here are just five ways to get rid of stretch marks for good:  

Dermabrasion Treatments for Stretch Mark Removal

Though dermabrasion procedures were first developed to treat scars and wrinkles, the technique offers many benefits for other skin problems such as skin discoloration, poor skin texture, age spots and stretch marks. Dermabrasion is also known as ‘surgical skin planing’ where the skin is sanded and buffed with abrasive tools to reveal a fresh layer underneath.   

Dermabrasion treatments for the face continue to be a popular choice for skin rejuvenation and other facial enhancement procedures, but can also be used to resurface rough skin on different areas of the body. From upper arms to the lower back, dermabrasion offers one option for stretch mark removal.  

Body Chemical Peels for Stretch Mark Removal

Chemical peels are another popular choice for skin rejuvenation and facial treatments, but the treatment can be applied to other parts of the body.  Chemical peels involve applying an acid solution to ‘burn’ the top layer of skin and encourage fresh cells to grow. Successfully removing the layer of skin with stretch marks may take multiple treatments, and this process may be beneficial for smaller patches of stretch marks and lighter skin tones.  

Laser Resurfacing for Stretch Mark Removal

Lasers are a more direct approach for skin resurfacing, and a series of treatments is often required to remove old stretch marks completely and then stimulate the skin to produce new skin cells during recovery. The stimulation of collagen and other cells can help revive old skin and enhance the skin’s appearance after the treatment.  

Blue Light Therapy for Stretch Marks

Blue Light Therapy is commonly used for tattoo removal and removing acne scars because it reduces pigmentation of the skin and helps lighten the skin overall. While Blue Light Therapy won’t remove stretch marks completely, it can reduce the appearance of stretch marks so that skin looks smoother and appears is more evenly toned.  

Topical Creams and Ointments for Stretch Marks

Dr. Jeannette Graf, a dermatologist in New York states that there really are no products that can work on stretch marks because the skin has been weakened by over-stretching (Source: This means stretch marks cannot be treated with products alone. Still, the beauty industry continues to promote creams, lotions and topical ointments as a solution for stretch marks; while many of these are rich in emollients and natural moisturizers that can soothe and soften the skin, none of them can make stretch marks simply disappear.  

From chemical peels to blue light therapy, you do have some options for reducing or removing unsightly stretch marks. Consult with a dermatologist in your area to find the best treatment plan for your condition and needs, or learn more about the latest skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation treatments in our information guide.