Five Reasons Why Women Are Reaching for Dermal Fillers

While BOTOX and other injectables continue to be a top choice in the anti-aging market, women in particular are showing increased interest in the latest dermal fillers.   

According to the April 2008 issue of Harvard Women’s Health Watch, dermal fillers have become the treatment of choice for women who don’t want to undergo cosmetic surgery but still want a more youthful appearance. Since dermal fillers can also be a cost-effective way to reduce wrinkles and enhance the skin, they are an attractive option for anyone on a budget.   

Dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane and Juvederm are only a few of the leading nonsurgical wrinkle reduction treatments available and each offers its own set of benefits. While both men and women can benefit from dermal fillers and skin rejuvenation treatments, women are reaching for the tray of injectables for some very specific reasons:  

1. Very few side effects. Most dermal fillers don’t cause significant side effects, and patients typically walk out of the doctor’s office with only slight redness, sensitive skin and swelling. Most treatments can be performed over lunch hour with little or no downtime involved.  

2. A good match for other skin rejuvenation treatments. Women interested in getting a facial, microdermabrasion or other skin resurfacing treatments can use injectable fillers as part of their skin management plan. A combination of dermal fillers and skin rejuvenating treatments may provide additional benefits and lead to long-lasting results.    

3. A healthy, natural-looking appearance. Both collagen and hyaluronic acid fillers can be used to create a youthful look and can be a convenient alternative to a facelift or other surgical procedures. Some injectable fillers such as Radiesse also prompt collagen production after a period of time. Increasing the amount of fat under the skin naturally makes skin appear softer, more youthful and resilient.  

4. Easy on the budget. Even though the effect of some dermal fillers are temporary, they can still cost much less than surgery and other treatments.  Continuous treatments of injectables such as Radiesse also make it easier to sustain a youthful look for longer periods of time. Overall costs for treatment vary depending on the type of injectable, location of the doctor administering the treatment, and the type of treatment plan chosen. Average costs per treatment range from $200 - $500+.    

5. Lip and cheek plumping options. Dermal fillers such as Restylane, Hylaform and Perlane can be used to increase the size of the lips and fill out hollowed cheeks – in addition to filling out acne scars and wrinkles. These fillers can be especially valuable for women who want to pursue lip augmentation without surgery.  

As more dermal fillers receive FDA approval, cosmetic surgery centers across the country are quickly booking up appointments for women interested in enhancing their appearance. Dermal fillers offer several benefits for women who want to get rid of frown lines, reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and increase the size of their lips.  

Learn more about dermal fillers and the benefits of cosmetic injectables in our information guide, or find a cosmetic surgeon in your area who offers the latest treatment. From Juvederm to Restylane, there are several ways to enhance the skin for a more youthful and attractive appearance.