Five Beauty Myths Exposed

If anti-cellulite creams, wrinkle defying serums and exotic facials are part of your weekly regiment, you may have been tricked by a beauty myth or two.   

Thousands of products at the beauty counter promise perfect pores, a clear complexion and wrinkle-free skin, but experts say that most cannot reach the deepest layers of your skin to actually make a difference. 

The solution? Cosmetic and dermatology treatments that can resurface, tighten and tone the skin and give you lasting results. Here are just five common beauty myths – and the cosmetic treatments that can really solve your skin and beauty problems:  

Myth: Cocoa butter gets rid of stretch marks

While cocoa butter and other emollient-rich oils have powerful moisturizing properties, they cannot prevent skin from stretching and expanding. Keeping skin well-moisturized can improve its appearance, but stretch marks will not disappear from topical creams and oils.

Solution: Laser skin resurfacing – this technique can effectively zap away stretch marks and improve the texture and tone of the skin  

Myth: You can shrink your pores with an at-home facial

Egg whites, oatmeal, milk and honey have long been used for at-home spa facials but some people mistakenly believe that these ingredients can shrink the pores. While these ingredients are all valuable cleansers are exfoliants, the ‘pore tightening’ effect is usually temporary. 

Solution: Microdermabrasion or regular medical spa facials – these can clean up and tighten skin for the long-term, and help build up collagen for a healthier look    

Myth: You need to shave more often in the summer than the winter

Shaving and waxing for the season may be a part of your weekly ritual in the warmer months, but hair doesn’t grow any faster than in the winter time. The only real difference may be your diet and hydration routine; staying healthy promotes healthy hair growth, so you may only notice more hair during your ‘healthier’ months. Still, shaving and waxing can leave you with poor skin texture.

Solution: Laser hair removal – this procedure effectively removes unwanted hair permanently, so you won’t have to worry about that shaving or waxing routine any time of year  

Myth: You can get rid of cellulite with a cream or lotion

You’ll find hundreds of anti-cellulite creams at the drugstore and beauty counter, but most are simply a mix of emollients and moisturizing ingredients that leave skin super soft. Cellulite is trapped deep within the skin’s layers, and cannot be reached with a topical cream.

Solution: Liposuction or laser cellulite removal – these procedures can permanently remove unsightly cellulite and fatty tissue, giving you a smooth, attractive and natural appearance.    

Myth: You can get rid of wrinkles with a gel, serum or lotion

Fine lines around the mouth, wrinkles around the eyes and those deep grooves on the forehead won’t benefit much from a topical ointment. Wrinkles are a result of poor skin texture and repetitive movements in particular areas; if you do not have enough collagen to hold skin and muscle tissues together as you age, wrinkles are a natural result.  

Solution: Injectable fillers or skin tightening treatments – injectable fillers can plump up skin tissues for a more youthful looking appearance, while skin tightening treatments can increase collagen production and firm up the skin over time.  

Whether you want to get rid of wrinkles or zap away cellulite, there are several cosmetic procedures available to give you permanent results.  If you want to make a dramatic change in your appearance, forget about today’s most common beauty myths and solve your beauty dilemma with a procedure that gives you the results you need.  

Learn more about cosmetic enhancements and beauty fixes in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist in your area to find out which treatment is the best choice for your specific needs.