Fat Loss Without Liposuction? What Are Your Options?

While your diet and exercise routine can help you maintain a healthy weight, genetics and your overall body structure determine the distribution of fat and muscle. If you’re not born with ideal proportions, no amount of calorie-watching and trips to the gym will make a noticeable difference to your figure.

Liposuction offers one option for many people who want to achieve a slim and shapely silhouette, but surgery can be painful and involves a significant amount of downtime.  

If you’re hesitant to pursue surgery to lose a few vanity pounds, there are a number of liposuction alternatives available. From VASER Liposelection to SmartLipo treatments, you can look forward to a sleek and shapely silhouette without the downtime and pain associated with liposuction surgery. Here are a few ways to lose excess fat without the risks and side effects of conventional liposuction treatments:  

The Process of Liposuction – What Really Happens

Understanding how the liposuction process works can help you make the best choice for your fat removal procedure.  Fat removal typically involves a two-step process according to Seattle-based plastic surgeon Christopher Chung.  The fat is broken down and then removed using a powerful suction device.

Conventional liposuction treatments break down and remove fat in one step, but liposuction alternatives use other innovative techniques for breaking down the fatty deposits. The biggest differences in all the fat removal treatments is the way fat is broken down, not how it is removed from the body. Overall recovery time then depends on the type of surgical instruments used (e.g. laser, radio waves, injections) and how the skin and body respond to each treatment.  

Fat Loss with LipoDissolve 

If a ‘lunchtime lipo’ session seems like the perfect match for your busy schedule, LipoDissolve offers one liposuction alternative. The LipoDissolve procedure involves a series of injections that may reduce the appearance of cellulite and remove stubborn fatty deposits. While this procedure is still undergoing FDA review, it may offer a quick and painless solution for small areas of fat that won’t disappear after diet and exercise alone.  

Fat Loss with SmartLipo 

SmartLipo uses the laser technology to break down fat cells, and the procedure may or may not involve formal suction. The laser can target key areas such as the thighs, buttocks, stomach and back area, and the broken down fat may be absorbed by the body and removed through the lymphatic system naturally. SmartLipo is also known as Laser Assisted Liposculpture, and the procedure rarely takes longer than 45 minutes.   

Fat Loss with Vaser Liposelection 

VASER Liposelection is a form of ultrasonic liposuction that uses ultrasonic energy to break down the fat. Fat is removed with conventional liposuction methods, and can help remove fat cells from the arms, love handles, thighs and ‘saddlebags’ that aren’t typically easy to get rid of through exercise alone. The VASER system helps to break up extra fat without affecting surrounding nerves and connective tissue – which also means less downtime, minimal bruising and far less pain than conventional treatments.  

Despite the many benefits of liposuction alternatives, some plastic surgeons believe a combination of treatments and therapies is the best solution for effective fat loss and lasting results. Dr. Gregory A. Buford, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Denver, Colorado suggests that larger contouring procedures will fare well with a combination of VASER LipoSelection and SmartLipo. VASER Liposelection can be used to remove the large fatty deposits while SmartLipo can firm and tighten skin with ease.  

If you’re determined to get rid of stubborn fatty deposits and improve your figure, liposuction alternatives may offer more benefits than conventional liposuction surgery. Learn more about liposuction surgery in our information guide or find a cosmetic surgeon in your area who specializes in LipoDissolve, VASER, or SmartLipo treatments.