Fat Injections Are The Next Step In Cosmetic Genital Enhancement

For years, cosmetic and plastic surgeons have used fat transfers from one part of the body to enhance another part of the body. If a patient wanted plumper lips or more volume in their cheeks, they could easily move some fat from their thighs or buttocks and see a whole new transformation of their face.

But what about the more sensitive areas of the body, like the genitals? As more women undergo cosmetic procedures like vaginal rejuvenation, and men partake in penile implant lengthening, a less common form of genital enhancement is being highlighted: Fat Transplants.

How Fat Is Harvested For Genital Enhancement

A fat transplant is an ideal solution for patients who wish to thicken up areas of the genitals that they feel are not 'plump' enough. Whether the enhancement is being applied to the face or genitals, there are always three basic steps that are done to harvest donor tissue for the transfer of autologous fat.

  • First, the doctor must remove excess fat from different areas of the body using gentle liposuction. These areas can include your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or jowls.
  • Once the fat is removed, it is isolated and cleansed. Doctors will decant the fat to make sure that it settles evenly within the syringe.
  • The final step involves the doctor injecting harvested fat into the desired areas of your body.

There are differences in the fat that is used for the face versus fat that is used for genital enhancement. During fat cleansing for facial purposes, saline is added to the mix, whereas it is not for genital fat. The reason that surgeons do not use saline for genital enhancement is so they are able to have the purest form of the fat for injection.

Anesthesia For Surgery

Patients who undergo genital enhancements will be sedated under general anesthesia through an IV.

In the areas that will receive liposuction to harvest fat, doctors also administer a local anesthetic.

Prior to injection of the lipo-fat, you will receive injections of lidocaine into the genitals to numb the area.

Fat Injections In The Penis

Men are especially sensitive about their genitals, so the idea of inflicting pain to that area is not very appealing. One of the great things about penile fat injections is that it is commonly noted for the lack of excessive pain that follows the operation.

Your surgeon will make two small incisions into the penis and, using very tiny cannulae, will slowly inject the fat. An assistant must stretch the penis with one hand, while holding on to the base with the other hand. This is done to prevent fat from being dispersed in the wrong areas, as well as ensure that it spreads out evenly over the organ.

Once the incisions are closed, the penis is kept elevated for 24 hours to decrease excess swelling.

Fat Injections In The Vagina

Surgical enhancement for the vagina is not exactly a new development in the world of plastic surgery, but it is quickly becoming one of the most popular. While the majority of women undergo vaginal restoration in order to tighten or reshape their vaginas, others may choose to have fat injections.

  • Typically if a woman has lost a significant amount of weight, her genital area may appear to sag or have excess skin. Fat injections are a great way to fix the problem.
  • Your doctor will inject the harvested fat into pre-determined points around the mons or labia majora. As the fat spreads out, the outer portions of the vagina will plump up, giving a more youthful appearance.

Just like with penile injections, vaginal injections tend to cause only minor pain and bruising.

After The Surgery

Once the operation is complete, you will be given anti-inflammatory medicine through your IV. Patients are usually allowed to leave the surgical center on the same day as the procedure.

Cold and hot compresses are advised for the first few days, and most doctors will allow you to return to normal, light duties the very next day.

As for sexual intercourse: many recipients who have fat injections are able to have sex within 4 days of their procedure.

Are Genital Fat Injections Right For Me?

Discuss with your doctor any concerns you might have about going forward with a genital enhancement. For most people, cosmetic surgery of any kind is a big step, not only for cost but because the finished product can be life changing.

Learn all the options that are available, talk to trusted family and friends, and remember that ultimately you are the only one who can make the decision.