Facial Yoga: The Non-surgical Face-lift

Physical appearance has become a huge industry as more people resort to facial plastic surgery to smooth away their wrinkles, lines, and creases. But with these surgeries comes a hefty cost. Procedures are not cheap; contributing to the billions of dollars spent every year on cosmetic enhancements.

So what options are out there if you want a younger look but don?t want to break the bank? A new technique that is slowly gaining popularity is known as facial yoga. Without having to experience painful surgeries or injections, facial yoga can give you the end results of Botox without sacrificing your time or money!

Facial Tension: What Happens To Your Muscles?

Your face has sixteen main muscles that have specific purposes. Like the other muscles in your body, these muscles can become tensed when you are stressed out. As you age over time, your facial muscles also begin to lose tonicity and as a result of this, lines and creases begin to appear. The only way to maintain the tonicity of your facial muscles is to exercise them daily. Facial Yoga: What Is It? Just as your body needs exercise to maintain its youthful look, you need to exercise your facial muscles to prevent them from sagging or becoming weak. Facial exercises help you relax the tension in your face and tone up the muscles. The end result can contribute to a more youthful look.

  • Since you need to maintain your whole body in a yogic posture while doing facial yoga, you also enjoy mental peace and fulfillment in addition to the benefits of external beauty.
  • Over time the body naturally loses elasticity. Strength training of the facial tissue can slow this process, thereby delaying the aging process.

Facial Exercises in Yoga

Facial yoga is comprised of a combination of traditional yogic postures along with exercises specifically done for the face. Relaxation and tension reduction are done to combat premature aging through repetition and resistance. Yoga focuses on stretching your facial muscles, thereby building up and strengthening the muscles. These exercises tone your facial muscles, prevent wrinkles and help improve blood circulation.

Here are some facial exercises you may want to try out:


  • Sit comfortably on the floor, close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing.
  • Rub the palms of your hands until they become warm and then cup them over closed eyes.
  • This can soothe your eyes and the area around your eyes.

The Great Rub

  • Rub your forehead in circles using your index and middle fingers.
  • Gently massage your brow and temples to relieve tension and stress.
  • Slowly move down and massage your jaw muscles.
  • Next, move across your cheeks and up along the side of your nose to your forehead.
  • You can repeat this as many times as you would like.

The Lion Face

  • Inhale slowly and steadily to constrict every muscle in your body.
  • Exhale slowly and steadily to relax those muscles while sticking out your tongue, widening your eyes, and opening your hands.
  • You need to repeat this process three times.
  • On your third attempt try holding the exhale position for 30 to 60 seconds and stretch out your tongue.
  • This facial exercise improves circulation to the face. It also helps release tension in the jaw and reduces wrinkles.

Brow Smoother

  • Place your index fingers on the outer edges of your eyebrows while being seated in the lotus position.
  • Close your eyelids and pull your eyebrows away from each other, creating tension between the two.
  • With time, this exercise may give you the same end result as a Botox injection.

Facial Yoga and You

Facial yoga is a great way to start stimulating some of the 57 muscles that make up your face. By toning up their structure and elasticity you can do something that millions of people pay their surgeons to do every year: prevent, or slow, the onset of an aging complexion!