Facial Liposuction? Seven Things You Need to Know

Extra fat around the jaw line can make you look heavier than you really are, and may be taking away from a natural youthful appearance. All that extra skin and fat under the chin may be genetic, and it won’t necessarily disappear with changes in your diet and weight.   

Facial liposuction offers one solution for getting rid of that excess fat for good; this cosmetic procedure works using the same process as conventional liposuction except with a smaller suction device that is applied to the chin, neck and cheeks. 

If you think you’re a good candidate for facial liposuction, here are seven things you need to know before jumping in:    

1. Facial liposuction can get rid of your double chin. Facial liposuction is one of the few cosmetic enhancement procedures that really can get rid of a double chin. The procedure removes the fatty tissue in the area to re-sculpt the lower half of the face, leaving it tighter, firmer and more youthful looking.   

2. You cannot be over 30 percent of your ideal body weight to get facial liposuction. Facial liposuction is considered to be a cosmetic procedure and is not designed to treat weight problems. You must be at a healthy weight to pursue this form of liposuction, and your cosmetic surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate during your initial consultation.    

3. Facial liposuction will require surgical incisions. Doctors can only extract excess fat in the jowls and under the chin by making a small incision. This is where the suction instrument is inserted, and will require small stitches after the procedure is complete.  

4. You’ll start to see results within three to six months. While most patients will see instant results in the jaw line and areas of the chin, the most pronounced results will be visible after the swelling and bruising go down and the muscles have a chance to adjust to the change. You’ll need to wait at least three to six months to see a significant difference, but you’ll be ‘restaurant ready’ within 5-7 days according to Dr. David Mabrie, a board certified facial cosmetic surgeon located in San Francisco (Source: yourfaceinourhands.com).   

5. You’ll be away from the office for at least five days. Five days of rest is what Dr. Russell Kridel of Facial Plastic Surgery Associates in Houston recommends, so you’ll need to schedule those days off well in advance. Recovery from facial liposuction may also mean skipping the gym so you’re not overexerting muscles; you need as much time as possible to allow your body and skin tissues to heal before being active again (Source:  todaysface.com).

6. You can combine facial liposuction with other skin tightening and firming procedures. When you choose facial liposuction at the doctor’s office, you have even more options for facelifts and laser skin tightening treatments that can help sculpt your entire face. A combination of procedures may help you achieve natural looking results that last for years to come.    

7. There is some bruising and swelling involved. Although facial liposuction may seem like a ‘mild’ form of liposuction but still involves some pain and side effects. Still, the Larrabee Center, a facial plastic surgery office in Seattle, reports that most patients will experience a decrease in swelling and bruising by the fourth postoperative day.  

Facial liposuction offers promising results for most patients, but learning as much about the procedure beforehand will help you determine if this is the right procedure for you.  If you’re looking for a simple way to look younger and improve your appearance, liposuction can help you get rid of excess fat for good. Review our before and after galleries on liposuction, or find a cosmetic surgeon in your area who can guide you through the process of your facial liposuction procedure.