Enhance Your Lips with Silikon 1000 Injectable Fillers

If you’re yearning for thicker, fuller lips and a more defined pout, lip augmentation could be just what you need to achieve your ideal look. Board-certified cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists around the United States now offer the Silikon 1000 injectable for lip augmentation, and the permanent filler produces natural-looking results after a single treatment. The Silikon 1000 injectable is made with a purified form of silicone and is well-suited for lip augmentation procedures and permanent lip enhancement.

Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about the latest options in lip augmentation. Your surgeon can complete a thorough facial analysis and determine whether you are a good candidate for the Silikon 1000 injectable filler.

Benefits of the Silikon 1000 Injectable Filler

The Silikon 1000 injectable filler is a popular choice for lip augmentation, but some surgeons also use this filler to perform non-surgical nose reshaping procedures and to contour some facial compartments. Take a look at some of the Silikon 1000 Before and After photos in our image gallery.

Some of the top benefits of the Silikon 1000 injectable filler are:

  • Permanent filler – results can last up to two decades
  • No pre-treatment allergy testing required
  • Produces natural-looking results
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Ideal for thinning lips
  • Progressive results up to nine months after the first treatment

More Information about the Silikon 1000 Injectable

The Silikon 1000 injectable is made with medical-grade silicon oil and is primarily used as a lip plumping treatment. Only very small injections are required to increase the volume of the lips, and the body will start to produce collagen naturally around the filler droplets, creating a very smooth, natural look. Doctors and surgeons administering this treatment typically wait at least a month between treatments so that the body does not produce too much collagen. There is no risk of rejection because the silicone is inert so the body does not see it as a foreign object. If the lips are overfilled, the silicon can be removed relatively easily.

In addition to plumping up the lips, the Silikon 1000 injectable filler can be used to smooth out wrinkles, plump up hollows in the cheeks, and contour the chin or jawline.

If you are getting a Silikon 1000 treatment, you will need to avoid aspirin or Vitamin E supplements at least two weeks before the treatment to prevent bruising and scarring. The treatment itself only takes about 30 minutes and must be performed by a board-certified surgeon or dermatologist. Most people do not need any type of topical anesthetic before the treatment, but numbing cream can be applied to the treatment are to make it more tolerable.  Since there is no downtime involved with the Silikon 1000 injection, you can return to regular activities, including eating and drinking, within a few hours of treatment.

Learn more about the latest options in lip augmentation in our information guide, or set up a consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out if the Silkion 1000 filler is the right fit for you.