Dr. Ramtin Kassir Appears on The Doctors TV Show to Reverse Excessive Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Extreme makeovers gone too far? This morning, Dr. Ramtin Kassir, a board-certified plastic surgeon who is also a LocateADoc.com doctor, appeared on The Doctors TV show to discuss the effects of excessive plastic surgery. Dr. Kassir helped a forty-five-year-old woman who had undergone 29 different plastic surgeries, restore her appearance so that she would feel more comfortable about her appearance and increase her self-confidence after such a traumatic experience.

You can watch a short clip today’s The Doctors TV segment here.

Dr. Kassir has an A-list of celebrities as part of his client base and was on The Doctors show this morning to discuss the different types of reconstructive and corrective surgeries he performed on the patient.  He offers services at the Mona Lisa Cosmetic Surgery Center in Wayne, New Jersey and is a member of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American College of Surgeons. More information about Dr. Kassir’s experience and background can be found here.

Effects of Excessive Plastic Surgery

The patient on the show had undergone a series of 29 different procedures which included fat injections, a mid-face lift, and then corrective surgeries to fix some other plastic surgeons’ mistakes. Still, she wasn’t satisfied with her appearance and had become very self-conscious about the scarring and side effects of the different procedures.

Andrew Ordon, M.D., FACS, a plastic surgeon on The Doctors, comments on what went wrong with the patient’s procedures. “It’s overdone. The slanting of the corner of her eye gave her a cat-like appearance. Too much elevation on the forehead, and just too much in general”, says Dr. Ordon, created a very artificial look.

The patient shared some before and after pictures of her plastic surgery procedures on the show. She happened to be working at a surgeon’s office at that time and agreed to undergo a simple laser procedure to improve the appearance of her eyes after the surgeon’s recommendation.  She then underwent breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and a fat grafting reversal procedure. She has spent the last eleven years suffering from the effects of these procedures that were meant to make her feel better about herself.

The patient states that the outcome of her surgery was, “heartbreaking…it wasn’t supposed to be like this…it wasn’t supposed to end up this way”.

Dr. Kassir was able to step in and perform several corrective surgeries to improve her appearance.

Stay tuned for comments from Dr. Kassir about his appearance later today!