Dr. Elton Strauss Reports Increased Demand for Prosthetic Hips and Knees in Younger Patients

If you’re suffering from hip, knee or joint pain, surgery may be able to resolve some of your problems. Prosthetic hips and knees are becoming an attractive choice for many patients suffering from arthritis and joint problems. One orthopedic surgeon has noticed an increased demand in prosthesis in younger patients over the past year.

Dr. Elton Strauss, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in joint reconstruction of the knees and hips, explains that approximately 200 million more people per year are getting new hips and knees versus 10 years ago when about 200,000 people a year were turning to prosthetics for joint and hip treatment.

Most of his patients have arthritis and joint problems, but Dr. Strauss is noticing an emerging trend ofyounger patients seeking out these procedures. Patients in their 40s are turning to prosthetics to correct knee, hip and other joint problems -- and enjoying more benefits than ever before. According to Dr. Strauss, this younger generation wants to be more active and functional, and many are just looking for more and better treatment options all around. They don’t want to wait another ten or 15 years to get their hip or knee replaced. They can now take advantage of several treatment options that involve replacement of these joints earlier and enjoy the benefits for more than two decades.

Dr. Strauss says that today’s prosthetic devices now last much longer. Today’s devices can last anywhere up to 25 years and can even be adjusted  – older prosthesis typically lasted about ten years. He points out, “If a prosthesis needs to be adjusted, the parts are modular so if they wear out they can be changed a lot easier. That is an attractive option for people who may not know.”

The entire operation has also become more streamlined. Today’s patient doesn’t have to go under general anesthesia if they are having just one body part worked on. Dr. Strauss explains, “If we are operating on the knee, just that leg is put to sleep and not the whole body.”

Dr. Strauss and his team in Huntingon, NY and NYC at the Mount Sinai Center work towards creating the perfect fit for all patients. This ensures patients gets better results and can enjoy an increased range of motion in their hips, knees or other joints. Custom prosthetic devices are essential for creating a more natural appearance and for ensuring the patient can move around better. They will be available some time in 2012.

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