DOCTOR SPOTLIGHT: Sara Wasserbauer, M.D., Hair Restoration Surgeon

San Francisco, Walnut Creek, San Jose, & Napa, California

Dr. Sara Wasserbauer is a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and is currently located in the Bay Area, outside of San Francisco, in Walnut Creek, California.
She is a contributing editor to the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. 
With the technological advancements in hair restoration surgery over the past 10 years she saw the potential of natural follicular unit hair restoration surgery to transform a person’s outward appearance and inner self esteem. She states, “Hair loss can have debilitating effects on an individual’s self image, impacting all facets of their lives from social to professional.”  Dr. Wasserbauer felt that with her surgical skills, training and natural empathy she could make a true difference in her patient’s lives.
Dr. Wasserbauer believes in a holistic approach to treating her patient’s. “I want to understand their cosmetic goals and create very customized treatment plans that will accomplish their objectives and fit their lifestyle. Today we have more treatment options available, both medical and surgical, to treat the hair loss patient than ever before. There is no reason to treat patients with a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach.”

Top Procedures Performed:

• Hair Transplant (Restoration)
• Follicular Unit Extraction
• Revage 670 Hair Laser Restoration
• Hair Trans plants (Eyebrow)
• Hair Transplants (Scalp)
• Botox Injections
• Fractional Skin Resurfacing
• Radiessetm Injections
• Fraxel Laser
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Q&A with Dr. Wasserbauer:

1.  Describe the most rewarding experience that you have had working with a patient?
The most rewarding experiences I have with my patients are when they are skeptical, hopeless, or disillusioned. It is fun to turn that around... The patients who are extremely demanding and picky are enjoyable to work with since I am just as detail-oriented, and often more so! It is just as rewarding to work with those who have had bad experiences in the past, or who are feeling like there is no solution to their hair concerns. I have too many individual patients who have had rewarding experiences to choose just one, but I enjoy my work overall so much so that it never feels like it is something I have to put effort into!
2. What is your charity organization of choice and why?
We work with Locks of Love, Hospice, and other cancer patient support groups since hair loss can be such an emotionally taxing pat of the therapy and we understand from personal experience how difficult this can be. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation is another favorite of mine simply because they offer so much hope and information. Operation Restore through the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) also does good work. I like organizations that not only do good work, but also provide information and resources that are reliable wince there is so much misinformation in the “hair world” it can be confusing and difficult to navigate for patients.
3. What does living in the Napa community mean to you?
We love being part of this community because we love our patients. It is often said at our practice that not a patient walks through our doors who we would not choose as a friend. Besides, we are pleased to contribute to our community at the grassroots level, because the entire Bay Area benefits when doctors are involved in their communities locally.
4. What is your favorite quote or saying?
I have a few! The cheesy “Knowledge is Power” applies since misinformation regarding effective hair loss treatments is rampant. Everyone out there is ready to take advantage of what is an emotional issue for many people. I also like, “I am a great believer in luck, the harder I work the more I have of it.” by Thomas Jefferson. We go the extra mile at my practice so this really resonates with me.
5. What makes your specialties the right fields of medicine for you?
All types of hair loss run in my family - from alopecia universalis to male and female pattern loss - so hair has always been a special interest of mine. It is my hobby, and I have managed to turn it into my sole practice. Besides, have you ever met someone who is Type-A picky and detail-oriented but friendly and helpful as well? This describes me so I love the minute detail required of my practice. I also love people - my idea of heaven is to be in a room with about 800 or so total strangers with my job being to meet and get to know every one of them! I also have an insatiable drive to care for my patients (instilled by my parents, no doubt), so having my own practice allows me to fulfill that need.
6. Finish this sentence: If I weren’t a doctor I would be___.
...lost... I was always meant to be a physician. I’ve considered running for public office because I feel strongly that citizens should give back to their communities and I love to meet new people. I’ve considered being a lounge singer because I love singing and jazz. I could have been an artist, but I don’t enjoy solitude. I tried being a webmistress, a chef, and an entrepreneur of all sorts, and it always comes back to being a doctor that is the most fulfilling.
7. When (your age) did you first realize you wanted to become a surgeon? And did you experience anything in particular to motivate you to achieve this prestigious goal?
I realized I needed to be a surgeon when I was in internal medicine residency. I was interested in hair and worked with another hair transplant surgeon. It turned out I had a knack for hairline design and was just naturally good at doing hair transplant - so I completed a fellowship in hair transplant surgery and the rest is history!
8. Can you tell us in your own words what you consider a perfect outcome of a surgical procedure?
a perfect outcome is when the patient’s goals are met with minimal discomfort and optimal cosmesis. Perfect procedures are rare, but by working with our patients closely, we can achieve the best outcome possible for each patient.
9. What is your favorite procedure to perform and why?
Hair transplant, of course! It is what I specialize in and have devoted my entire career to! I especially love detailed and difficult cases - like building new hairlines, brow and eyelash cases, and scar revisions (or old plug revisions). These take extra work and planning but they are the most satisfying for me.
10. In a perfect world, when would you like to retire, where would you go and what would you do?
It may sound silly, but I would like to retire in California wine country and raise alpacas among grape vines and olive trees. I’d probably throw in a Bernese Mountain dog or two with grandkids visiting and some world travel as well. The alpacas are key, though. Have you ever felt alpaca hair? That stuff is amazing...


She completed her undergraduate studies with a B.A. in Classical Archeology and minors in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology at the prestigious Dartmouth College. She then went on to earn her medical degree from the renowned Medical College of Ohio where she was designated Class Leader. After finishing her training in Internal Medicine, Dr. Wasserbauer discovered she had a natural aptitude and eye for aesthetic surgery. Growing up in a family that experienced severe hair loss in both the men AND women, she found herself drawn to hair restoration and the dramatic change it could have on one’s appearance.
To fulfill her ambition and satisfy her drive for aesthetic perfection she proceeded to train with some of the world’s leading hair restoration surgeons. She completed the only accredited fellowship in Hair Transplantation Surgery in the United States, working with a national team of Hair Restoration Surgeons to refine her craft and better understand the subtleties of the procedure and medical treatment options available. She next studied under one of the most highly published hair restoration surgeons in the country and a leading pioneer of follicular unit hair restoration surgery, the accepted “Gold Standard” of hair restoration surgery.
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