Doctor Spotlight: Ran Y. Rubinstein, M.D.

Ran Y Rubinstein, MD Picture


Dr. Ran Y. Rubinstein

Facial Plastic Surgeon,  Newburgh, (NY) New York

Dr. Ran Rubinstein’s dual board certification, his extensive experience, his commitment to the highest standards, and his role in university education assure you that you could not be in better, more caring hands when having facial plastic surgery. 

Every person's face is unique. Dr. Rubinstein uses his skill and knowledge to restore lost facial volume with fillers or fat injections in the most natural way to recreate youth. Dr. Rubinstein enjoys listening to his patients tell him about their unique needs and desires and often uses their photos from youth as a template to restore facial volume naturally.

No two noses are alike. Unlike traditional art, where the artist wants to draw attention to their creativity, the goal of a natural rhinoplasty surgery is to make the person's nose not the first thing that people notice and see. This allows for attention to be drawn to other attractive facial features such as beautiful eyes. Accomplishing this consistently is both challenging and rewarding for Dr. Rubinstein. 

Dr. Rubinstein's most rewarding experience with a patient was when he performed a life changing rhinoplasty on a 16 year old girl who was extremely insecure about her appearance because she was born with a severely deformed nose. The nose surgery gave her the confidence to go out in the world and pursue her dreams. These types of experiences re-affirm for him why he chose to become a facial plastic surgeon.

Dr. Rubinstein considers himself a "frustrated scupltor".  Just view the before and after pictures of his facial surgery patients to see how he uses his surgical skills to provide excellent results in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, eyes, head and neck. 

Dr. Rubinstein volunteers his time by performing reconstructive surgery on victims of domestic violence through the Face-to-Face Program, sponsored by the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. He also volunteers at the skin cancer screening programs in the local Newburgh NY hospitals and is a regular guest speaker at various Hudson River Valley community organizations.

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