Doctor Spotlight: Michele D Koo, MD, FACS

Dr Michele Koo St. Louis MO Picture


Michele D Koo, MD, FACS

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, St. Louis, MO

"I love my patients and feel they are some of the most wonderful interesting people I have ever met." 

Dr. Michele Koo is a female board certified plastic surgeon with an attention to detail and a passion for results. Dr. Koo brings both experience and passion to each and every cosmetic procedure she performs.

Empowering Patients 

Dr. Koo loves to affect change in a meaningful significant way which is one of the reasons she decided to become a plastic surgeon. She loves the joy she is able to impart to her patients by changing sometimes such a small seemingly insignificant part of their life, yet the psychological impact of the change can be deeply profound. She enjoys talking with her patients, guiding them to understand that an elective outward physical change is not vanity.

"It is empowering yourself," states Dr. Koo. "It is tell society that you care enough about yourself that you want to change and take charge of your life, and not let your short comings keep you psychologically down."

Dr. Koo finds the most rewarding experience is to makeover a patient who has changed their lifestyle and has lost a significant amount of weight yet still feels trapped by the excess hanging skin. She finds these patients to be depressed and they lose the will power to continue the exercise and healthier eating habits. When they turn to Dr. Koo she is able to change them from outside in, to truly give them self esteem and hope again of a new life, to not feel hopeless.

"I am overjoyed with and for my patient. I feel so grateful to take the journey to completion for my patients." says Dr. Koo. "I feel grateful to my patient for giving me the opportunity to achieve such a rewarding feat." 

Dr. Koo feels the perfect outcome of a surgical procedure is when her patient feels completely happy with the outcome and entire experience of the procedure. It is important to her that the entire experience is a self-enabling, wonderful experience. She wants her patient to feel well treated and respected. 

Dr. Koo finds that living in Saint Louis there is a wonderful base of honest, caring salt of the earth patients not just from St. Louis but from throughout all of Missouri and Illinois. Being in the middle of the country, she sees people from all over the US as well as the world because of Washington University and the nearby military bases.  If you would like to find out more about Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Michele Koo, MD you can visit her website at