Doctor Spotlight: M. Mark Mofid, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in San Diego and La Jolla

Mark Mofid MD San Diego Picture

M. Mark Mofid, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in San Diego and La Jolla

"Plastic surgery is one of the most creative specialties in medicine. There is simply no other field that combines the artistry, science and technical skill set into a single specialty." 


Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Mofid believes that the enhancement of your image can help to improve your self-confidence and enjoyment of life. In addition to a busy plastic surgery practice in San Diego, Dr. Mofid is skilled in reconstructive surgery, including facial reconstruction following the removal of skin cancers, and the repair of facial injuries from trauma.

We asked Dr. Mofid to describe the most rewarding experience that he had working with a patient.

"Though there is a sense of reward associated with taking care of all patients in plastic surgery, one of my patients from several years ago comes to mind. 

She was a 17 year old girl that was involved in a serious motor vehicle crash resulting in severe facial and upper extremity injuries. Substance abuse was a factor in the crash. I performed major staged interventions on her including a free tissue transfer from her abdomen to face, repair of multiple fractures, nerve grafting and multiple skin grafts. She disappeared after a year and came back to see me many years later after turning her life around. She now has a family, works as a substance abuse counselor for teens and is a genuinely happy person. She looks fantastic as well."

The plastic surgery practice of Dr. Mark Mofid in San Diego is a destination for those seeking improvements in their appearances and changes in their lives. Dr. Mofid has a careful and conscientious approach to plastic surgery while treating all patients with the utmost respect and dignity.

All of Dr. Mofid’s cosmetic surgery procedures are performed in an accredited, AAAASF certified facility, located in their office surgery center in San Diego. Their surgical facility is an outpatient medical center that is fully equipped to provide the highest level of quality surgical care.

Please contact Dr. Mark Mofid's plastic surgery practice in San Diego to arrange a consultation to discuss face, body, or breast cosmetic surgery. For more information about Dr. Mark Mofiid visit his website at