Doctor Spotlight: Ahad Mahootchi, M.D.

Ahad Mahootchi, M.D.

Certified Crystalens Eye Surgeon

The Eye Clinic of Florida - Zephyrhills/Tampa Bay Area

Tampa Bay area Cataract Surgeon Dr. Ahad Mahootchi feels rewarded every day at his ophthalmology practice in Zephyrhills Florida. 

"Our patients are so grateful. We go the extra step to make sure people have the right eye procedure done and have great results at a great price. The efforts pay off many times over."

Florida Ophthalmologist, Dr. Ahad Mahootchi, has performed over 11,000 eye surgeries. Thousands in Pasco County have trusted him with their eye care. Dr. Mahootchi is one of the most experienced cataract eye surgeons in the country with lens implants that correct astigmatism. He was Zephyrhills' first certified Crystalens® eye surgeon and is the most experienced ophthalmologist who performs LASIK and CK in the Tampa Bay area.  Crystalens now comes with astigmatism correction (called Trulign) at no added charge at The Eye Clinic of Florida. Now patients can have their cataract, distance vision, astigmatism and need for bifocals treated all with one procedure.

Dr. Ahad Mahootchi has been implanting Crystalens® since 2004.  He was the first Certified Crystalens® surgeon in the North Tampa/East Pasco area. In May 2008, Bausch and Lomb named The Eye Clinic of Florida one of only 100 Crystalens Centers of Excellence in the country.  When asked "What makes Ophthalmology the right field of medicine for you?"  Dr. Mahootchi states "Ophthalmology has so many great aspects. You can treat all ages. We treat one of the most valued senses. We can prevent vision loss. We can treat often complex problems with so many micro-surgical techniques and new drugs."

When performing eye surgery on a patient Dr. Mahootchi considers a perfect outcome of a surgical procedure to be when he exceeds the patient’s expectations giving them a result that the patient will cherish for a long time.

"I really love the newest version of cataract surgery with the newest version of Crystalens called Trulign. It doesn’t matter how bad the cataract, how bad the prescription, how much the patient needs reading glasses or how much astigmatism a patient has. Now we have a lens, that in one laser free procedure can help with all those problems for the majority of patients."

Cataract Surgery with Crystalens or Trulign is Dr. Mahootchi's preferred eye surgery to perform on his patients.  Another very cool surgery he performs is called DMEK. It’s a cornea transplant of only one layer of cells. The healing time is so fast compared to the older ways and even some newer ways of doing it. Very few surgeons world-wide have even tried it. He was the second eye surgeon in Florida to have a successful case.