Do Your Looks Need An Instant Lift? Why Perfect Eyebrows Can Help

The eyes have it when it comes to looking younger and more attractive.

Few wrinkles around the eyes, a smooth forehead and perfectly arched eyebrow are the ideal mix for a youthful appearance, but the most common signs of premature aging often appear in these key areas. Sculpting the upper face to be smooth and wrinkle-free, and shaping your eyebrows to achieve the perfect arch can create a dramatic change to your appearance – and all without extensive surgery. 

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your facial appearance, consider any of these strategies to perfect your eyebrows and upper face:

What are Common Methods for Creating Perfect Eyebrows?

Creating the perfect arch can be a trial and error process if you attempt to use tweezing and waxing methods on your own. Many medspas and aesthetic centers offer professional eyebrow waxing and hair removal services, and these can help you achieve just the right arch without losing the small hairs you need to get the right look. 

Common methods for creating perfect eyebrows include:

  • Hot wax for hair removal
  • Tweezing and plucking
  • Sugaring (threading)
  • Shaving
  • Laser hair removal

All of these methods can provide instant results and shapelier, more attractive eyebrows, but do require ongoing maintenance. If you choose to maintain results on your own, you also run the risk of ‘over-plucking’ or over-waxing, and hair can take months to grow back. 

How Can Brow Lift Surgery Help?

Instead of resorting to the common methods for creating perfect eyebrows, there are some surgical and nonsurgical options for improving the upper facial area and enhancing the brows.

Brow lift surgery is one option, and according to Dr. Kenneth Dickie, a board-certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon who performs the procedure at the Bahamas Institute of Plastic Surgery, “Brow lift surgery improves the face dramatically by creating a brighter, softer, fresher appearance. It lifts heavy eyebrows away from the eyes and smoothes out vertical lines between the eyebrows and transverse lines across the forehead” (Source:

How can this improve the shape of your brows? When the vertical lines and crevices between your brows are smoothed out, the upper face naturally appears more youthful. Brow lift surgery helps enhance the face and when the skin is stretched out and taut across the forehead, you may develop a more natural arch. Any tweezing or hair removal treatments can be used to maintain the natural arch, not necessarily create one.

Another option for improving the brow area is Thermage skin tightening treatments. Thermage uses heat and electrical impulses to stimulate the facial muscles and tighten the skin from inside out. If you have wrinkles, fine lines or sagging skin around the upper eye area, Thermage can help lift and tighten the skin to create a more youthful appearance. This can also help you achieve a more natural arch, making plucking and waxing less or a priority.

When the common signs of premature aging are taking their toll on your looks, a cosmetic enhancement that tightens and tones the skin may help you achieve a more youthful look. 

Learn more about brow lift surgery and facial rejuvenation treatments in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic specialist in your area for different options for achieving the perfect eyebrow arch.