Do's and Don'ts After LASIK Surgery

LASIK eye surgery can give you freedom from glasses and contacts for a lifetime and you’ll notice a difference the moment you open your eyes.

While you may be eager to jump back into your regular routine and start seeing life through a fresh set of eyes, you won’t be able to participate in some activities for up to two months after laser eye surgery.

Consider these do’s and don’ts after your LASIK eye surgery procedure:  

Do wear protective eye goggles while sleeping. Eye goggles after LASIK are mandatory and will help your eyes restore and repair themselves while you sleep.  They also prevent harm and injury to your sensitive eyes, so make sure you wear them for at least 1 – 2 weeks immediately after laser eye surgery.  

Don’t jump into contact sports for at least a month after LASIK surgery. Your eyes will still need time to adjust and your sense of depth perception may still be off balance.  Avoid the complications of being injured on the field by skipping contact sports such as football, basketball and other high-risk activities.  

Do wear dark sunglasses when outdoors. You may need to wear glasses immediately after surgery as you step outside, but will need to shield those eyes from harmful UV damage at any time of day. Your eyes may be especially sensitive to sunlight and some types of bright light indoors, so keeping a pair of dark glasses by your side can help prevent retinal damage.  

Don’t wear makeup immediately after surgery. Cosmetics can irritate the eye area and leave your eyes vulnerable to infection. Some lotions designed for sensitive skin can be applied lightly if needed, but it’s best to stay free of cosmetics and makeup for at least 2 – 3 weeks after your LASIK procedure.  

Do make an appointment with your LASIK doctor for a follow up.  You can meet with your doctor about one week after surgery for a check up and to make sure that you are not experiencing any major side effects. While cases of side effects and complications are rare with today’s innovative laser eye procedures, you can benefit from a check up to make sure your surgery was a successful one.  

Don’t skip the medicated eye drops.  Prescription-strength eye drops are essential for healing and recovery, and will help keep your eyes in good health.  Plan to use the drops 2-3 times per day or as directed by your LASIK surgeon.  

Do take your usual shower or bath after LASIK surgery, but be cautious about getting water or soap in your eyes.  You will need to refrain from hot tubs, saunas and whirlpools for about eight weeks after surgery.  

Don’t rub your eyes after treatment.  Any itchiness or inflammation can be managed with eye drops or medication, so avoid rubbing your eyes if you experience discomfort. 

Do visit your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Updating your drivers license to remove vision restrictions will prevent any citations. Carry a proof of surgery showing your new improved vision when you drive until you can visit the BMV. This doesn't eliminate the chance of a citation, so immediate retesting is recommended.

LASIK eye surgery can make a dramatic difference to your lifestyle, offering you near-perfect vision when you walk out of the doctor’s office.  How you manage your after-care is essential to good eye health, so use these basic guidelines during your recovery period. Contact eye doctors in your area to find out if LASIK is right for you.