Do Breasts Droop After a Breast Reduction Procedure?

If you have very large breasts and don’t see any significant changes in breast size after losing weight, you might have considered undergoing a breast reduction procedure. A breast reduction can be performed simply for health reasons or for cosmetic reasons. However, some women notice that their breasts droop and sag after their breasts have healed from surgery. Is this normal? Here’s what you need to know.

Getting a Breast Reduction Procedure

Some women experience severe back and shoulder pain because their breasts are so large, or they have difficulty running and performing intensive exercises because their breasts weight them down. Other women simply want smaller breasts so they can feel more comfortable in their clothes and have a more balanced figure. A breast reduction procedure may be perfect for these women but there are some downsides and risks to consider. One of the most significant changes you’ll see after this procedure is that the breasts start to droop or even sag.

Sagging and Drooping Breasts after Breast Reduction

After the excess fat is removed from the breasts in this procedure, there may be some loose skin left behind. Wearing a support bra for several hours every day after a breast reduction procedure can help to keep the breasts looking more perky and firm. However, any remaining breast tissue will be subject to the laws of gravity and the breasts can droop or sag – especially if you have lax skin or are an older patient. If a significant amount of fat is removed, the skin will stretch for up to a year after the surgery and then slow down slightly as you get older.

It usually takes between 6 to 12 months for the breasts to settle and up to two years to see the full results. As long as your weight doesn’t increase or decrease significantly during this time, you typically won’t experience too much sagging or drooping. Wearing a good bra every day is always highly recommended.

Take a look at these breast reduction before and after pictures to get a better idea of what to expect with this procedure. Talk to a plastic surgery doctor in your area today!