Did Jennifer Grey's Nose Job Ruin Her Career?

The Jennifer Grey nose job is one of the most well-known examples of celebrity plastic surgery, but did her rhinoplasty procedure ruin her career? Actress Jennifer Grey rose to stardom after appearing in Dirty Dancing and wowing the world over with her dance moves and toned body. While many were enamored with the actress after her appearance on the movie, she decided that wasn’t enough and underwent a nose job to improve her facial profile.

Jennifer Grey’s nose job has since become one of the most-talked about plastic surgeries in Hollywood, and she admits that undergoing the nose job made her “invisible” in the eyes after the public. Take a look at these nose job before and after photos to see examples of successful rhinoplasty procedures.


The Jennifer Grey Nose Job Story

While Dirty Dancing was a hit and Jennifer Grey was thrown into the celebrity spotlight, the success of the movie wasn’t enough. Grey actually underwent two nose job procedures. The first rhinoplasty procedure produced undesirable results, so she returned to the plastic surgeon to have her botched surgery repaired and improve her look.

Many people didn’t even recognize the young actress after her procedure, mainly because her original nose was one of her most prominent features and made her stand apart from other actresses. Some described her as a “quirky beauty”, but she decided she wanted to change her appearance and even considered changing her name to complement her new image.

Life after Jennifer Grey’s Nose Job Surgery

Grey made the following statement after undergoing her second nose job procedure: “I went in the operating room a celebrity – and came out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible. "

The Jennifer Grey nose job changed the actress’s appearance so much that she reduced her chances of being cast for other roles because none of her former fans – or even her friends – could recognize her. StarPulse.com reports that the actress also felt that, “I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody recognizes…because of a nose job.”

Things to Consider Before Undergoing a Nose Job Procedure

If you are thinking of getting a nose job to look like your favorite celebrity, or just to improve your appearance, make sure you have realistic expectations about the outcome of your procedure by looking at nose job before and after photos, and talking with an experienced, cosmetic surgeon or board-certified plastic surgeon. Your surgeon can explain how the procedure works, and create a treatment plan that will help you achieve your ideal look.