Cosmetic Surgery Procedures to Get Rid of the Banana Roll

The “banana roll” is the term used to describe the stubborn roll of fat located just below the buttocks. This extra fat can appear on even skinny people because it is usually the result of genetics, not body weight. Even if you work out regularly and eat a healthy diet, this extra fat can be very pronounced and may be impossible to get rid of. Fortunately, there are some plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures available that can eliminate or shrink the banana roll.

Talk to your cosmetic surgeon to discuss your best options for liposuction or body shaping treatments. These procedures and treatments can eliminate stubborn fat located underneath the buttocks and also help to contour your body for a more shapely appearance.

What Is the Banana Roll?

The banana roll is the small pocket of fat that sits right under the crease of the buttocks. It looks like an extra roll of fat that has slipped out from the buttock area and is usually resistant to diet and exercise. Both men and women can develop a banana roll at any age, and often find that it is difficult to hide under tight clothing. This roll of fat is very visible when wearing a bathing suit.

Cosmetic Procedures that Eliminate or Reduce the Banana Roll

If you have a banana roll, you can undergo liposuction to have it removed completely or get body shaping treatments that will tone and sculpt the area so that your banana roll appears less prominent.

Vaser liposuction may be the best option for patients who want to get rid of the banana roll permanently. With this procedure, the surgeon makes a very small incision right below the buttocks and uses a thin cannula to suction the fat out of the area. The skin may tighten and contract slightly after procedure, creating a very smooth and contoured appearance.

Another option for shaping and contouring the banana roll area is VelaShape. VelaShape contours and shapes the body using a heated suction device and radiofrequency energy. Each treatment will deliver heat energy deep into the tissues and can shrink the fat cells. You’ll notice the skin in the treated area appears firmer, tighter and more toned after a single treatment, and will see progressive results over the course of several weeks.

You may be able to reduce the size and improve the appearance of the banana roll by undergoing a series of Endermologie treatments. Endermologie is designed to reduce cellulite but works by stimulating circulation and strengthening the skin. This body shaping treatment uses rollers and suction to increase blood flow to the treated area and can be effective for reshaping and toning the thighs and buttocks.

Learn more about the latest liposuction techniques and body shaping procedures in our information guide. Consult with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for a procedure that will get rid of or reduce the appearance of your banana roll, and look forward to a more attractive and shapelier figure.