Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery - Liposuction Sculpts the Body to its Proper Proportions

Unfortunately, diet and exercise does not always get rid of those stubborn fat deposits that naturally exists in the tummy, legs, hips, saddlebags, etc. Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that produces great results which ends in a fast recovery.

Many Rhode Island and Connecticut area residents turn to Dr. Leon Goldstein at the Coastal Plastic Surgery Center for liposuction to achieve a shapelier figure by reducing unwanted bulges, when through diet and exercise alone will not be eliminated.

Liposuction, while sculpts the body to its proper proportions, many patients find that self-image and self-confidence improve as well. To maintain the results after liposuction it is go to adhere to a healthy diet and exercise program.

Modern techniques allow for removal of larger volumes to help even heavier people lose inches. Make sure your plastic surgery doctor uses the latest liposuction techniques, including tumescent, superwet, ultrasound (UAL), syringe liposuction and SmartLipo to help patients in their battle against the bulge.

After Liposuction, Will Fat Comeback Worse?

The answer is, no, unless one overeats. Liposuction is the only truly permanent procedure. It removes fat by suctioning out fat cells that contain the adipose tissue. These cells do not develop again. Therefore, there are fewer cells in the area after treatment. The weight gained, occurs from overeating. However, now it is stored in other areas that have more fat cells i.e. where storage capacity is greater. This in turn will give the body a different profile and contour. The human body has almost an infinite capacity to store fat (once a source of energy during periods of starvation). Gluttony will always beat out surgery.

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