Contour Plus from Ultrashape - An Innovative Body Contouring Procedure

Body contouring procedures including Thermage and VelaSmooth are becoming increasingly popular non-surgical treatments in the U.S., and UltraShape is making waves in the European and Canadian markets at the ultimate solution for fat and cellulite reduction. Many people who undergo weight loss surgery or liposuction need a body contouring treatment to achieve a smooth, sculpted silhouette.  Now, the makers of UltraShape are testing an innovative device called the Contour Plus, a device designed to target stubborn fatty deposits and tighten up the skin. 

Unlike UltraShape which is currently only available overseas, the Contour Plus device may soon be available in the United States to offer yet another option in body contouring.

How Contour Plus Works

The Contour Plus device is designed from the UltraShape Contour I platform, a non-thermal, non-invasive device that emits powerful ultrasound waves deep into the tissues of the skin. Clinical studies show that this procedure works by breaking down fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues and blood vessels; the treatment itself only takes a few minutes, and can be used on several ‘trouble areas’ of the body including the stomach, thighs, buttocks and arms. Non-invasive body contouring procedures are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to liposuction and body sculpting procedures that often require weeks of downtime and can be fairly extensive surgical procedures. 

The best candidates for the Contour Plus procedure would be those who already maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise regiment, but cannot get rid of stubborn fatty deposits. Women who are recovering from pregnancy, individuals who have lost a significant amount of body weight, and those who simply want to sculpt and tone up their bodies without surgery may soon be able to enjoy the benefits of the Contour Plus treatment.

The Contour Plus and other body contouring treatments do not require any downtime – patients can resume normal activities immediately after each treatment, and some only experience slight bruising or soreness for a few hours. Significant results can be achieved after a series of treatments, and most people notice a change in their body shape with several inches lost a few weeks after their last session.

About the Contour Plus Device

The UltraShape Contour I device is currently marketed outside of the United States with increasing success; according to, the procedure is available in 57 countries and over 100,000 patients have been satisfied with the procedure. Now, residents of the United States may be able to enjoy similar benefits with Contour Plus. It will be marketed as the first non-invasive device for fat reduction that makes use of selective ultrasound and heat-free technologies.

The UltraShape Contour I was approved for use in Canada in 2007 and received the CE mark in 2005; the Contour Plus is currently available in the United States for ‘investigational use’ only, and is being tested by several plastic surgeons and researchers from across the country. (Source: Medical News Today)

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