Common Myths About the Breast Lift Procedure

Breast lifts can be a valuable alternative or a complement to a breast augmentation procedure with implants. If you have sagging and drooping breasts, a breast lift will lift up and reposition the breasts to create a more attractive silhouette. This procedure can be combined with a breast implant procedure to improve the overall contours of the breast and help you achieve a more youthful look. When researching this procedure, you may have some questions about how the procedure is performed and what to expect from surgery. Your breast lift surgery doctor will be able to answer many of these questions during your consultation.

Here are some common myths about the breast lift surgery:

Breast Lifts Can Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are essentially scar tissue that is visible on top of the skin. If the breast lift involves removing some of the skin, these stretch marks will be gone for good. If the skin is only pulled up tightly and none is removed, the stretch marks will still be visible but could end up smoothing out a little. See breast lift pictures.

Exercising Can Replace a Breast Lift

While toning the muscles can help to fill out any loose skin over time, it cannot actually tighten up the skin around the breasts. Only an experienced surgeon will be able to tighten up the skin tissue to create a taut and more attractive look.

Breast Lifts Leave Big Scars

Many women are concerned that the breast lift will leave very long scars behind, much like a breast augmentation procedure. However, this procedure is less aggressive than other types of surgery and involves very minimal scarring. In most cases, the surgeon must make a single scar that goes all the way around the nipple-areola. If more skin must be removed, a vertical scar will also be made from the nipple-areola (known as the Lollipop Lift). Your surgeon will discuss his or her technique during the consultation.