Close Look at Breast Augmentation Prices

Breast augmentation prices vary significantly by the cosmetic or plastic surgeon and by the type of breast implants you choose. When you are searching for cost of breast implants, it’s important to remember that every surgeon will quote you a different price based on their experience, the type of surgery that needs to be performed, general anesthesia fees and follow-up care involved. 

 In order to get the comparable price for your breast augmentation procedure, it’s generally a good idea to meet with at least three or four breast augmentation surgeons in your area for a consultation. Your doctor will take some time to learn about your goals, your lifestyle and recommend a breast augmentation procedure that meets your needs – and budget.

 How Much Do the Average Breast Implants Cost? 

Every surgeon determines breast augmentation prices using their own formula and the final price usually includes doctor and facility fees, pre- and post-op supplements and supplies, and post-op breast augmentation massage or body shaping treatments.

Surgeon’s fees: $2,000- $4,000

  • Facility fee: $1,000
  • Cost of implants: $1,300 for saline, $2,300 for silicone
  • Anesthesiologist fees: $800
  • (Total): $7,100*

What are the Factors that Contribute to Breast Augmentation Prices?

  • Size of the implants
  • Facility fees
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Type of surgery – breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction (combination)
  • Silicone or saline implants
  • Brand of implants (Mentor vs. NATRELLE®)
  • Type of implant (round vs. teardrop)
  • Incision location

If your breast enhancement or breast augmentation surgery is part of a Mommy Makeover or you are undergoing breast implant revision or breast reduction surgery, your costs may be much lower or higher than the average, depending on the extent of surgery required.