Can Butt Implants Look Natural?

Butt implants are a popular cosmetic enhancement for women who want to achieve a shapelier rear. As celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and other curvaceous stars flaunt their famous derriere, more women are heading to the plastic surgeon’s office for a butt augmentation procedure. But can implants in the buttocks look and feel natural? Some plastic surgeons say ‘yes’ because the implants create a very firm, contoured look.

How Butt Implants Look and Feel

Butt implants are very firm and solid to the touch but they can be placed above or below the muscle. The implants are made from a semi-solid soft silicone rubber material and are available in ether a round or an oval shape. Placing the implant below the muscle can help to create a more natural look. Placing them above the muscle means that the implants can be felt when touched and may also be visible under the skin. This is why some surgeons and patients end up getting a fat transfer procedure instead. In this procedure, the surgeon removes fat from another area of the body and injects it into the buttocks.

Buttock Injections with the Fat Transfer Technique

An increasingly popular alternative to butt implants is buttocks augmentation with fat injections also known as the brazilian butt lift. The transfer of a patient’s own fat cells makes this procedure less risky than getting implants, and the results also end up looking much more natural. The increase in buttocks size is only due to the additional fat cells. If the patient gains weight, these fat cells can become engorged and make the butt appear even larger. For many patients, the fat transfer procedure is just a simpler and better way to achieve the results they want.

Are you thinking about getting butt implants? Take a look at these butt implant before and after pictures to see examples of successful outcomes with this procedure.