Butt Implants with Liposuction: What You Need to Know

If you’ve decided to undergo a butt augmentation (butt implants) procedure and want the best possible results, your surgeon may perform liposuction or liposculpture with your procedure. In many cases, removing excess body fat from around the hips and thighs can help to create more balanced appearance and will make the butt implants appear more natural. Simply inserting implants under the tissue isn’t enough to create the countered and sculpted look you want. Liposuction can enhance the results of your butt augmentation procedure to create a streamlined look and aesthetically-pleasing outcome.

Here are some of the top benefits of liposculpture performed with butt implants:

Improved Body Contours

When you haven’t been able to get rid of excess body fat around your waistline, lower back, or midsection with diet and exercise, a simple liposuction procedure can help. Remember that butt implants will add more curves to your figure and can end up making you look larger than you really are if you don’t balance out your figure with fat reduction in certain areas. Liposuction can remove excess fat from multiple areas to give you a more attractive body shape. Even something as simple as a thigh sculpting procedure can be enough to give you more attractive silhouette and improve the outcome of your implants.

Option to Harvest Fat

Some plastic surgeons employ a fat harvesting technique where they remove fat from one area of the body, and re-inject it into the buttocks as a fat transfer procedure or lipoaugmentation. These fat injections to the buttocks can help to create a much more natural look than synthetic implants, and can be an attractive option for women who have a lot of excess fat around their thighs, stomach, or lower back. Your surgeon will determine whether you are a good candidate for a fat grafting procedure or a prosthesis treatment.