Butt Contouring-Another Buttocks Augmentation Option

What is Butt Contouring?

Butt contouring has been compared to sculpting with the cosmetic surgeon or board-certified plastic surgeon in the role of the artist. Since the procedure is designed to dramatically change the profile of the buttocks gradually over time, the doctor has to have an acute three-dimensional sense of female proportions.  Butt contouring is effective for patients with large, misshapen buttocks or those with “boxy” hips.  

How is Butt Contouring Done?

Changing the size and shape of the buttocks through butt contouring surgery involves the use of FDA approved long-duration permanent fillers injected into the buttocks. The surgeon adds the filler gradually, over a period of two to six months to enlarge the buttocks tissue and achieve the desired contour. Less dramatic changes can be achieved in as few as three sessions. This operation can be performed in conscious sedation, but usually is done under general anesthesia. 

What are Butt Contouring Advantages?

Reduces and reshapes buttocks and hips 
Alternative for patients who lack available fat for fat transfer to the buttocks 
Change is achieved gradually

What are Butt Contouring Disadvantages?

Procedure uses artificial filler instead of the patient’s own fat cells 
Higher risk of infection due to location of incision
Physical inactivity required for 5-6 weeks