Breast Reduction Surgery - How to Prepare for Your Procedure

If you’ve decided to undergo the breast reduction procedure, you will need to take steps to prepare for surgery and make arrangements for the night of your procedure. Even though a breast reduction procedure sounds fairly simple, it can take between three to five hours and may be performed in a hospital setting or in an outpatient facility. If you are not staying in a hospital overnight, you will need to have someone drive you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours after your procedure.

Here are some other important things you need to be aware of when preparing for your breast reduction surgery - surgical procedure:

Your Diet

You need to be in good health for this procedure and shouldn’t be on any type of calorie-restricted diet. Make sure you are eating well-balanced meals for weeks before your procedure and eliminate alcohol intake per your surgeon’s instructions. Avoid drinking too many caffeinated beverages which can cause dehydration. You will need to stop taking certain medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will go over your diet requirements during your pre-op appointment.

Preparing Your Home

Even though you may have someone helping you around the home during the first few days after your breast reduction procedure, it’s a good idea to move items around the house so that you don’t need to do too much reaching. You should also get your home ready by: stocking up on ice; setting aside some clean washcloths and towels; picking out some loose and comfortable tops to wear; picking some magazines and movies to keep you occupied while you recover; buying any special ointments or creams to take care of your incision sites.

Time Off from Work and Activities

Most people need at least one week off work to recover from the breast reduction procedure and cannot resume intense physical activities for at least one month after surgery. Your surgeon will go over the requirements for taking time off from work and other activities during your pre-op visit.

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