Breast Lift-Vertical Lift Basics

What is the Vertical Breast Lift?

When your nipple falls below the level of your breast crease, it’s time to contact your cosmetic surgeon or board-certified plastic surgeon for help. If your breasts are sagging severely, a vertical lift, or vertical mastopexy, can restore your breasts to their more natural-looking appearance. 

In the vertical breast lift, your skin and tissues are removed in a vertical direction. This procedure helps create more attractive, natural-looking breasts; this technique may be used in conjunction with breast implants or without breast implants. 

How is the Vertical Breast Lift Performed?

The vertical breast lift is often performed during a breast reduction procedure but may also be performed to restore sagging or drooping breasts during a breast augmentation procedure. A small incision is typically made down the front of your breast. Your breast lift surgeon then removes fat and tissues in a vertical direction and recontours your breast tissue until a shapelier breast is achieved.

What are the Advantages of the Vertical Breast Lift?

  • Breasts appear smoother and more contoured
  • Excess fat and tissues are removed
  • Corrects asymmetry of your breasts 

What are the Disadvantages of Vertical Breast Lift?

  • Visible scarring for up to one year after your procedure
  • Typically a better match for small or moderate breast reductions
  • Post-surgical swelling and downtime