Breast Implants - Tips for Achieving the Best Results

If you’ve made the decision to get breast implants, your plastic surgeon will provide you with a recovery plan and guidelines to reduce any complications from the procedure. Even though breast augmentation is still one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States, it is a fairly extensive procedure and not without complications. You need to take steps to prepare yourself before the surgery and have a plan in place to ensure a speedy recovery.

Here are some tips for achieving the best results from your breast augmentation procedure:

Achieving the Best Possible Outcome

No matter what size implants you are getting, you may be able to achieve a better outcome if you get a breast lift with your breast implants. A breast lift will lift up and tighten any excess tissue that might be causing heavier breasts to sag or even droop. Loose and sagging skin can be corrected with a simple breast lift technique.

Reducing the Risk of Infection after a Breast Implant Procedure

You may be prescribed two types of antibiotics after your procedure to reduce the risk of bacterial infections. Most surgeons rinse the implant pocket with vancomycin to prevent staph infections. You may be required to take the antibiotic Bactrim to clear up any acne in the chest area before surgery. Keep in mind that your risk of infection may be lower if the procedure is performed in a private accredited surgery center than in a hospital.

Reducing the Risk of Capsular Contracture

Bacterial contamination during surgery can lead to capsular contracture. You may be able to prevent his from happening by doing some breast displacement exercises your surgeon recommends after your procedure.