Infographic: Got Boobs? The Growth of the American Breast


Infographic: Got Boobs? The Growth of the American Breast

Americans’ fascination with breasts dates back long before Pamela Anderson and the bombshells of today.

1920s - American burlesque dancers wore nipple tassels for adult entertainment. This was also the first time a woman appeared topless in a film.

1940s - Believing that American soldiers have a fetish for women with large breasts, Japanese prostitutes inject their breasts with substances like paraffin, sponges, and non-medical grade silicone.

1960s - In 1962, Timmie Jean Lindsey of Texas was the first woman to receive silicone breast implants, upgrading from a B to a C cup.

2000s - Janet Jackson’s nip slip at the 2004 SuperBowl sent the FCC into a frenzy, fining CBS $550,000.

Size Matters
Among all breast implant surgeries performed in the United States, 38% occur in the Western States, with Salt Lake City leading the nation in breast implant popularity.

Countries With The Most Breast Augmentations Per Capita In 2011:
1. USA - 336,648
2. Brazil - 254,214
3. Mexico - 85,099
4. Italy - 75,225
5. China - 55,400

If the five million American women with breast implants formed a state, it would have the same population as Alabama, y’all!

If all of the breast implants in the U.S were stacked, the tower of boobs would be taller than 4,300 Statues of Liberty.

Inspiring A Generation
“I want hers!” Scarlett, Halle, and Selma have the top 3 most coveted breasts in Hollywood.

On average, 90,500 people search for “breast augmentation” each month.

36” -24” -36”
This measurement of an “ideal” woman’s figure is mentioned in numerous songs. First appearing in “Brick House” by the Commodores, it has made its way into the lyrics of songs like Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” and is also mentioned in “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC/DC.

Your Choices
In 2010, 62% of all breast augmentation procedures were silicone implants, while the remaining 38% of augmentations were completed with saline implants.

Silicone Valley: Considered more natural to the touch, silicone is still the most popular form of breast implant.

Saline: The second leading type of implant is saline. Using saline can be less expensive and in the case of a rupture, provides a natural solution that is absorbed by the body.

Gummy Bears: In March 2012, new type of silicone implant, cohesive gel, form-stable implants were dubbed “Gummy Bear Implants” because when cut in half they retain their shape, much like the popular candy.

Shape Up
There are two basic shapes of breast implant to choose from: round or anatomical.

Round Implants - These implants are inserted under the muscle and tend to appear more natural than contoured implants.

Anatomical - Also known as Contoured, Shaped, or Tear-Drop implants, these mimic the slope of natural breasts.

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