Botox Mom Admits Her Story Was a Hoax

Kerry Campbell, mother to an eight-year-old girl was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America earlier this spring for announcing that she administers Botox injections to her daughter to enhance her appearance for beauty pageants. We covered the story here in May, but Campbell recently announced that the whole thing was a hoax. She had originally told Good Morning America that “I do Botox myself. It’s safe,” and that her daughter agrees to have it performed on her because she “doesn’t like wrinkles”.

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Botox Mom Admits Everything was a Hoax

Kerry Campbell, or Sheen Upton as she appeared in British tabloids, says that The Sun actually paid her $200 to play the “part” of Kerry Campbell for the story they ran called “I Give My 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox.” The story was picked up by several media outlets around the country and made its way to the U.S. when it was featured on both “Inside Edition” and “Good Morning America”. The story itself was almost believable, and many viewers and readers responded with harsh comments that the mother was not fit to raise a child because of her decision to give her Botox.

After the story made headlines in the United States, Upton lost custody of her daughter to child welfare services and had to hire a lawyer to sign a “penalty of perjury” stating that her statements were entirely made up. Her daughter was also examined by a UCLA medical center so that doctors could confirm that she had never had Botox injections.

While the Botox mom story was a hoax, Botox is still a popular treatment for many adults who want to get rid of wrinkles and lines.

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