BOTOX at a Bargain? Dangers of Bargain Botox Injections

BOTOX treatments accounted for nearly 3 million cosmetic procedures in 2007, and continue to be one of the most popular choices for reducing wrinkles and giving the skin a youthful appearance.

For over ten years, BOTOX has become the cosmetic treatment of choice over the standard facelift, and is primarily used to fill out crows feet, reduce forehead furrows and even out smile lines. Americans typically pay between $350 - $1300 per BOTOX treatment for each area, and the cost has decreased only slightly in the past decade with the onslaught of other facial rejuvenation treatments available.   

Still, many Americans simply cannot afford the average $1,000+ treatment plan and choose a different strategy instead. BOTOX injectables at bargain prices are readily available in many cities from specialty doctors, a seemingly attractive alternative to thousand dollar treatments and high-interest patient financing. 

Is Cheap Botox Really too Good to Be True?

Head to Los Angeles, California and you’ll soon find advertisements highlighting ‘cheap BOTOX’ and ‘discount BOTOX’ treatments for under $100 per area; at almost a third of the average market price, it this simply too good to be true? According to the La Times, ( Los Angeles Times, June 24, 2002) there’s a good chance you’ll be injected with a diluted version of the standard Botox treatment, putting yourself at risk for dozens of complications.

Many doctors performing the procedure may not even have training in facial anatomy; if complications arise, you may have nobody to turn to. In the book Death, Lies, and Addiction – Is BOTOX Cosmetic Really That Dangerous?, Dr. Scott Miller, a renowned plastic surgeon in California explains that many unassuming people make the mistake of heading off to casual environments for their BOTOX injections without considering all of the complications.  

Consumers can even purchase their own BOTOX injections online; a prescription is required, but a simple credit card purchase is all it takes to have a box of injections delivered to your home. Still, purchasing 5 or 100 vials of ready-to-use Botox treatments doesn’t come with the most critical element – a qualified doctor to administer them.  

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAP) encourages consumers to steer clear of low-priced services that sound too good to be true. After reviewing all of the factors involved, the actual price you pay could be more than that doctor’s bill.   

Top Dangers of Bargain Botox Injections  

Diluted botox injections are just one of the pitfalls of bargain botox services; patient consultations, follow ups, and even the location of the service or ‘practice’ can all be compromised with that price cut.   The ASPA encourages consumers to turn to only qualified and licensed doctors for any treatment. A consultation is always the first step with any procedure, and is the only time a doctor can explain the risks and benefits involved with the treatment. A doctor who fails to provide this service or skips this step entirely raises a big red flag.  

Common dangers associated with Botox injectables that aren’t administered by a professional or licensed doctor include:  

  • Unwanted side effects with any medications and vitamin supplements you may be taking
  • Instruments that are not sterile or sanitized appropriately, resulting in infection or even disease Unsupervised procedures that raise the risks of mistakes
  • No proof of procedure in the form of documentation (e.g. receipts, formal bills/invoices) which can work against you if a lawsuit should arise

Still, not all of those advertisements and special offers may be compromising quality. Skintastic, a cosmetic surgery and skin rejuvenation center in Dallas, Texas offers professional BOTOX treatments for only $199 for the first area, and is administered by a professional and licensed doctor. Bella Luz Beauty, a medical aesthetics and laser center in South Texas offers BOTOX treatments for $200 per area with free touch ups. Patients can make a quick visit to plump and define lips, reduce turkey neck, and reduce mouth wrinkles at nearly half the cost of many offices around the country. And, all are administered by a professional team of doctors.  

Bottom Line:  With so many risk factors involved with unethically administered BOTOX treatments, perhaps your wallet shouldn’t be making the decision. Until a lower cost alternative becomes available, bargain BOTOX may simply be too good to be true.  

Finding a qualified doctor for BOTOX treatments is a very simple process, and most doctors will provide quotes and estimates on total costs prior to treatment. Researching at least 2-3 BOTOX professionals in your area is the first step towards finding a qualified service provider with your best health interests in mind.