BOTOX and Dermal Fillers for Better Skin? What You Need to Know

As more people turn to cosmetic procedures to correct skin flaws and improve the quality of their skin, doctors across the country are offering an array of treatment options.   

Microdermabrasion, dermal fillers and laser skin rejuvenation procedures are just a few ways to improve the skin’s appearance and reduce the signs of aging. Still, BOTOX continues to be the procedure of choice for millions of Americans each year, reaching the top ranks of non-surgical procedures in 2007. While most people don’t experience severe complications, this popular anti-aging procedure does have some drawbacks.   

Read on to learn more about the latest dermal filler options available at your cosmetic surgeon’s office:  

Are BOTOX Injections the Right Solution for My Aging Skin?

From correcting frown lines to smoothing out uneven skin, BOTOX continues to be one of the world’s top choices in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Learn about BOTOX basics so you can find out if this is the right treatment for your anti-aging goals.  

Is Getting a Bargain BOTOX Treatment Package Safe?

Nearly 3 million BOTOX treatments were performed in 2007, and many people are turning to bargain BOTOX packages at the local doctor’s office. Is cutting back on the price worth the health risk? Find out why bargain BOTOX may be too good to be true.     

Will BOTOX Injections Help Reduce Migraine Pain? 

Do you suffer from migraines on a regular basis?  Some studies suggest BOTOX injections may be a valuable alternative to prescription medication and other drugs that promise to reduce the pain.  Since BOTOX freezes muscles in place, many migraine sufferers can benefit from a reduced sensation of pain. Find out what happens during a migraine, and how BOTOX can help in Suffering from Migraines? Maybe BOTOX Can Help.  

What is the Difference Between Juvederm and Restylane Dermal Fillers?

Juvederm and Restylane are the most popular choices in dermal fillers on the market, but Juvederm is still fairly new – it received FDA approval in the summer of 2006, while Restylane has been the filler of choice since 2003. Both offer benefits and drawbacks; find out which one really is the best choice for achieving youthful skin.   

What are the Benefits of Juvederm Injections?

When you’re making the decision to reduce wrinkles or sagging skin with dermal fillers, Juvederm injections may offer several benefits.  Review our online Juvederm Picture gallery to learn more about this popular treatment option now available at medical spas and dermatologist offices across the country.