BOTOX Alternatives Show Promising Results

While millions of Americans continue to pursue BOTOX treatments to remove frown lines and reduce wrinkles around the eyes, injectable fillers and hybrid filler treatments are also helping ward off the signs of aging.   

BOTOX alternatives such as Sculptra, Restylane and Hylaform are only a few of the leading choices for thousands of people pursuing anti-aging treatments.  Recent developments in injectable fillers help to increase the volume of the skin tissue without harmful side effects and pain during treatment; the result is more youthful, smoother-looking skin that can imitate the results of a facelift. 

What are other alternatives to BOTOX or surgery?  

  • Sculptra – this skin filler is the primary alternative to BOTOX, a treatment that can enhance areas other than the forehead. Sculptra can fill out hollowed cheeks, the jawline and other areas of loose or sagging skin, and will also boost collagen production to create a more youthful appearance.  Sculptra is often combined with a facelift procedure for long-term results.  
  • Hylaform – hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body, but age can diminish the level of acid found in the body and this has an effect on the appearance of your skin.  Hylaform injections help to lubricate the skin and can also increase the volume of facial tissues; they are an easy way to provide natural-looking results after just a few treatments.  
  • Perlane – Perlane is another hyaluronic filler that has become a popular choice for lip augmentation.  Perlane can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and may even diminish scars.  It can be used on several areas of the face including areas around the eyes, mouth, nose and on the forehead.  
  • Restylane – one of the leading non-surgical anti aging treatments, Restylane is a powerful injectable filler for lip augmentation and skin enhancement.  It is made with hylaronic acid which means you can expect natural-looking results that last for the long-term.  
  • Radiesse – if you’re looking for a treatment that will last over a year, Radiesse is another popular choice for injectable fillers. Radiesse injections (formerly Radiance) is made of calcium and phosphate that integrate readily into the body for a natural appearance. Radiesse can be administered on several parts of the face including the cheeks, jawline, around the eyes and around the lips.  
  • Artefill – unlike other injectables absorbed by the body over time, Artefill provides long-term results for skin rejuvenation. The Artefill solution is actually a combination of small plastic spheres and collagen that are easily integrated into the skin tissue for to create a natural appearance. Artefill injections can be used to treat wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging, with results after just one treatment.  
  • Fat Transfer Injections – fat transfer has long been used in facial rejuvenation treatments, and is a simple procedure for creating a natural appearance and achieving long-lasting results. Fat is extracted from a specific part of the body – typically the buttocks or thighs – and then injected into the treatment area to augment skin tissue and fill out hollowed areas.  

From Sculptra to Hylaform, you have several options to choose from if you want an alternative to BOTOX. BOTOX alternatives are a valuable way to enhance the skin’s appearance and reduce the signs of aging without the stress, pain and costs of facelift surgery.  Most offer natural-looking results for up to a year, and ongoing treatments are the best way to enjoy your youthful look for the long-term.  

Learn more about injectable fillers in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to make the best choice for your skin and anti-aging treatment goals.