Body Lift Procedures for Excess Skin Removal

Loose skin is a common outcome of extreme weight loss, such as after pregnancy, losing a substantial amount of weight from weight loss surgery, medical weight loss or natural dieting. Very few people can successfully get rid of loose skin with diet and exercise; the excess skin does not ‘burn off’ the body in the same way as body fat does, so surgery may be necessary to reshape and contour the body. Body lift procedures provide a solution for managing loose skin; these procedures involve repositioning the skin and removing excess skin folds to completely reshape the area. Plastic surgeons offer a number of different types of body lift procedures for patients who want to sculpt their body and achieve an attractive silhouette.

How Body Lift Procedures Work

Body lifts are not designed to get rid of body fat, but only to remove and sculpt excess skin, which is why many people who have undergone weight loss surgery resort to a body lift procedure after their weight has stabilized. Excess skin get in the way of day to day activities, and make it very difficult to find clothing that fits comfortably. Body lift techniques help to reshape and sculpt the figure so that the patient can enjoy a tighter, toned and sleeker look.

The body will not completely restabilize for up to a year after surgery, and each person heals at a different rate. Any additional weight loss after a body lift may result in more sagging skin, and require additional surgery.

Getting Rid of Excess Skin with Body Lifts

Body lift surgery is designed to reduce the circumference of the body by eliminating loose skin and creating a firmer, leaner look. The most popular body lift procedures include:

  • Leg/Thigh Lift – a procedure that gets rid of loose skin around the inner thighs and legs to create a more sculpted appearance. The lower body lift also involves removal of excess tissues around the buttocks and hips
  • Breast Lift– a procedure that may complement breast enlargement, the breast lift helps remove excess fatty tissue and raises the breasts to a more attractive position.
  • Butt Lift – also known as the mid body lift or torsoplasty, this procedure involves recontouring and sculpting the abdominal area. The procedure is designed to create a slimmer waistline and reduce excess skin folds in the upper back and midsection.
  • Arm Lift– a procedure that eliminates excess skin on the underside of the arms. Women who are over the age of 50 often pursue this procedure for more toned and tight upper arms
  • Body Lift (Belt Lipectomy) – a procedure that helps eliminate excess skin around the lower waist and torso; this procedure can be a valuable alternative to an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), and often uses many of the same techniques for reshaping and sculpting the midsection

Body lifts are fairly extensive plastic surgery procedures, but they can dramatically transform the body. If you have loose, sagging or drooping skin, body lift surgery may be a valuable way to achieve a sculpted, toned and more attractive figure. We invite you to view different types of body lift procedure pictures here.

Contact plastic surgeons in your area to learn more about body lift procedures and find out if this type of body makeover is the best match for your needs.