Body Jet Liposuction - What to Expect

If you’ve been thinking about liposuction to get rid of excess fat, smooth out your silhouette or just tighten and tone the skin after weight loss, you no longer have to settle for the conventional liposuction treatment. Tumescent liposuction is the most common type of fat and cellulite removal procedure that can help remove excess fatty tissue with ease, but it can be an extensive surgery that requires weeks of recovery and healing time. 

BodyJet Liposuction is one of the latest fat removal techniques that can provide dramatic results. The procedure is completed under local anesthetic and requires only a small incision for the cannula – the metal tube that removes the fat cells.  Here’s what to expect with the Body Jet Liposuction treatment:

How BodyJet Liposuction Works

The BodyJet system is different than conventional liposuction procedures because it uses a thin jet to deliver water directly into the fatty tissues. This results in the breakdown of fatty tissues so that they are loosened and released into the body with ease.  The Body-Jet system also makes use of a high pressure system to pump an infiltration solution into the body to create an appropriate-sized opening for the cannula. Since the cosmetic surgeon controls the rate of pressure for the system, the entire procedure is more targeted and may even be more effective in removing stubborn fatty deposits and cellulite. The surgeon is responsible for delivering a certain amount of infiltration solution at various intervals during the procedure, making it easier to target different areas in a short period of time.

Key Benefits of the BodyJet Procedure

The Body Jet procedure offers several benefits beyond traditional liposuction treatments, and is a fairly quick procedure – most people can return to work within a few days and enjoy the results within a few weeks.

Key benefits of the Body Jet procedure include:

  • Reduced risk of pain and swelling
  • Treatment can be optimized for the best results
  • Near-immediate results with little discomfort
  • Short procedure
  • Little or no analgesia needed

Other Options for Fat and Cellulite Removal

The Body Jet procedure may be a valuable alternative to tumescent liposuction that requires general anesthesia, but there are other cellulite removal options available. Alternative options for cellulite treatment and fat removal include:

Endermologie – a vigorous massage that can loosen up the fat cells and fatty deposits, sculpt and tone the skin, and minimize the appearance of cellulite. Endermologie is often coupled with liposuction and other fat removal treatments as it cannot eliminate fat cells alone.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – this massage helps improve lymph fluid circulation to reduce the amount of collagen and fat cells that are deposited under the skin.  Healthy lymph fluid circulation helps bring the toxins t the surface of the skin, and these are then eliminated through sweating and the natural elimination system. This is why hydrotherapy and massage sessions are so popular; stimulating circulation and lymph flow can help with the cellulite and fat removal process.

Laser liposuction – laser technologies now make it easier to zap away fat cells and improve the skin tone and texture in the process.  Laser liposuction works by breaking down fatty tissues and increasing collagen production so that the skin appears tighter and toned after treatment.

Learn more about liposuction and fat removal procedures in our information guide, or consult with cosmetic surgery doctors in your area for liposuction procedure options.