Best Skin Tightening Treatments After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery procedures including gastric bypass surgery, LAP-BAND surgery and gastroplasty can help you lose a significant amount of weight in a very short period of time, but the extreme weight loss often results in loose and sagging skin.

Many bariatric surgeons encourage patients to undergo plastic surgery or skin tightening treatments after weight loss is complete. If you have undergone weight loss surgery, consider some of these skin tightening treatments that can help you achieve a more attractive silhouette:

Thermage Skin Tightening Treatments After Bariatric Surgery

Thermage is one of the most advanced skin tightening procedures available and may be suitable for bariatric surgery patients that want to tighten and tone the skin around the waistline, hips, thighs, stomach and neck areas after extreme weight loss. The Thermage device emits energy waves deep into the dermal layer to cause a contraction and also triggers collagen production. A single procedure can produce some results, but a set of two to three procedures spaced out over a few weeks and months can help achieve more dramatic results.

Titan Skin Tightening Treatments After Bariatric Surgery

Titan skin tightening procedures work by emitting high-powered heat energy deep into the skin’s surface to create a contraction. Titan procedures are often used for tightening up the skin around the jawline, waistline and on top of the stomach and can provide results after just one session. Results with Titan procedures are progressive, so bariatric patients will need to wait a few weeks to see noticeable results.

VelaShape Treatments After Bariatric Surgery

VelaShape is a popular skin tightening and toning procedure that works using infrared heat energy. The procedure helps to tighten and tone up the skin around the waistline, hips, thighs and buttocks to create a smooth, contoured appearance. A series of four to eight treatments may be necessary to achieve noticeable results, but this is among the most affordable skin tightening treatments available.

Endermologie After Bariatric Surgery

Another non-invasive treatment option after bariatric surgery is endermologie. Endermologie works as a deep heated massage to strengthen and tone up the skin, reduce the appearance of bulges and cellulite, and can be effective for tightening the skin after weight loss surgery. A series of eight to ten endermologie sessions is usually required to achieve noticeable results.

RF Skin Tightening Procedures After Bariatric Surgery

Radiofrequency skin tightening procedures are most suitable for correcting skin laxity because of the aging process, but may also be effective for patients who want to improve the appearance of the skin around the jawline and neck area after weight loss. Radiofrequency skin tightening procedures work by emitting high-frequency waves deep into the epidermis to trigger collagen production. The procedure can help to tighten loose skin and also smooth out lines and wrinkles around the jawline.
Bariatric surgery patients have several options for improving the tone and appearance of their skin after weight loss surgery. Learn more about skin tightening treatments in our information guide, or consult with a bariatric surgeon in your area for recommendations on procedures after your bariatric procedure.