Best Plastic Surgery Procedures for an Hourglass Figure

If you weren’t born with a natural hourglass figure, there are several plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures that can reshape your body, add contours in just the right places, and help create a more feminine, attractive silhouette. The “S-curve” on the back is one of the key elements of the hourglass figure, and can be achieved by transferring body fat and lifting and toning the buttocks with plastic surgery.

If you’ve dreamed about having an hourglass figure and haven’t been able to achieve significant fat loss and toning results with diet and exercise, you may be a good candidate for plastic surgery. Get in touch with a cosmetic or plastic surgeon in your area to find out which procedures may be a good match for you.

Here’s a guide to some of the best plastic surgery procedures for achieving an hourglass figure:

What does a Breast Augmentation do for Your Body?

If you are flat-chested or have small breasts, you can make your waist appear smaller and achieve an hourglass figure with a breast augmentation procedure. Breast implants can help you achieve larger, natural-looking breasts to add more shape to your upper body and balance out your figure. Larger breasts will make your waist and lower back appear smaller, and can be enlarged to match your hip size to resemble the “ideal” hourglass shape.

How will a Buttock Augmentation Help My figure?

The buttock augmentation is one of the most important parts of the body makeover when you want to achieve an hourglass figure. The shape of the buttocks and the height they reach in the lower back area determine whether you have the “S-curve”. Your plastic surgeon may help to create this curve with fat transfer techniques, liposuction, or just by manipulating the skin tissues. When performed correctly, the buttock lift produces a rounded buttocks and natural curves.

How will a Fat Transfer Benefit My Body?

If you have excess body fat around your hips, thighs and stomach, you may be able to achieve an hourglass figure with a fat transfer procedure. Many plastic and cosmetic surgeons perform fat transfer procedures to add curves in certain parts of the body, while taking away unwanted bulges and curves from others. Fat transfer procedures can be performed within a few hours, and can create very natural-looking results. Many plastic surgeons do perform the buttock lift and other procedures using the fat transfer technique.

What are Body Contouring Procedures?

If you want to pursue a minimally-invasive procedure to achieve an hourglass figure, you may be a good candidate for a body contouring or body shaping procedure. Procedures such as VelaShape, VelaSmooth, SmoothShapes and Endermologie treatments help to sculpt and reshape the body after surgery, weight loss, or just when you want to improve your figure. You may need to undergo a series of these treatments in order to achieve significant results, and will notice progressive results as your skin tissues continue to heal over several weeks after the procedure.

Get in touch with a plastic surgeon in your area to find out if you may be a good candidate for any of these procedures. A combination of procedures, or a single procedure could be all it takes to help you achieve the perfect hourglass figure!