Best Body Contouring Procedures After Pregnancy

If pregnancy has left you with loose and sagging skin and a few excess pounds, there are several cosmetic and plastic surgery options available that can help you achieve your pre-pregnancy figure. Today’s innovative body sculpting and body contouring procedures include surgery and non-invasvie options that can help get rid of a few pounds and inches, trim down excess skin and help you achieve your ideal silhouette.

Here’s a close look at some of the top body contouring procedures for women in the post-pregnancy stages:

Thermage Skin Tightening After Pregnancy

For women who have excess skin around their waist, thighs or arms after losing weight from pregnancy, Thermage skin tightening treatments may be an attractive solution. This laser procedure helps to tighten the skin from within by triggering collagen production and smoothing out the skin tone. One Thermage session is usually enough to see results, but some women may benefit from a series of treatments spaced one or two months apart. Thermage, combined with a healthy diet and exercise regiment, may help the new mom lose a few inches and enjoy a more sculpted silhouette.

VelaShape After Pregnancy

VelaShape is a popular skin tightening and smoothing solution for reducing a few inches around the waist, thighs, stomach and arms to create a more contoured appearance. A combination of VelaShape treatments, a healthy diet and a consistent exercise regiment can help to reduce a few pounds and inches after pregnancy.

Zerona After Pregnancy

Zerona is one of the latest non-surgical body contouring procedures available and promises to tighten and tone the skin, while helping you lose inches around the waist, thighs and stomach. This innovative laser is suitable for women who have recently given birth, and is a painless, non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

Body Lift After Pregnancy

A full or partial body lift is another attractive option for women after pregnancy because it helps to eliminate unwanted bulges, excess fat and stretch marks, and can help restore the body to a more youthful state. This procedure may be divided into two or three different sessions to correct certain body parts.

Tummy Tucks After Pregnancy

Many women undergo a tummy tuck shortly after giving birth because their waistline can rarely be restored to its pre-pregnancy state with diet and exercise alone. The tummy tuck, otherwise known as an abdominoplasty, is a relatively extensive surgery that does require a few weeks of downtime for healing. The doctor will not only be able to remove excess fat around the stomach, but will also be able to sew the abdominals back together to create a streamlined appearance.

Check with your physician to find out how long you need to wait before undergoing any type of surgery or minimally invasive cosmetic enhancement. In some cases, women need to wait up to six months until their body has completely healed and recuperated after giving birth.

Learn more about the latest body contouring procedures in our information guide, or consult with a plastic surgeon in your area to find out you are a good candidate for any of these innovative procedures.