Benefits of MemoryGel Breast Implants

Breast implants continue to be one of the most sought-after procedures for women between the ages of 18 to 35, but both saline and silicone implants present a number of risks and drawbacks. Some implants do not produce natural-looking results, and some surgeons need to do extensive liposuction and tissue manipulation in order to achieve the perfect appearance.

MemoryGel breast implants are silicone implants made with a soft gel substance that conforms to the body and produce natural-looking results. The implants have been used for over 17 years for breast reconstruction and revision procedures, and present several benefits for both surgeons and patients.
If you're reviewing silicone or saline breast implants for breast enhancement, consider the benefits and features of the MemoryGel:

How do MemoryGel Breast Implants Work?

Over a million women have already had breast enlargement surgery with MemoryGel implants, and these implants, and the implants may be more affordable than other breast augmentation procedures in some states.
MemoryGel implants are often called ‘gummy bear’ implants because of their soft,  jelly-like texture, and their ability to be shaped and contoured into  life-like breasts. The implants are available in three different profiles – Moderate, Moderate Plus and High Profile – and also in smooth and textured styles to achieve a very natural look and feel. The implants can be inserted through a standard-sized incision, which means patients experience an average or faster recovery rate with minimal skin problems.

Are There Different Types of MemoryGel Implants?

The MemoryGel Smooth Surface implants and MemoryGel Textured Surface implants give patients an option for the overall feel of the implants. The smoother surface helps create a contoured and very soft appearance, while the textured surface creates a shapely, firmer appearance. Both types are available in wide or narrow base styles, and varying levels of roundness; the doctor can provide a recommendation on the appropriate style and shape of implant based on the patient’s body weight, proportions, and overall goals of the procedure.

What are Some Key Benefits of MemoryGel Implants?

MemoryGel rupture rates are among the lowest in the industry; the various profile ranges allow patients to select the best fit for their body type and natural silhouette so the overall result is much more natural. Other key benefits of MemoryGel implants include:
  • Easy placement and adaptation
  • Fewer risks than conventional implants
  • Easy to restore in case of rupture
  • Minimal incisions required
  • Quick recovery times

What Should You Know When Considering MemoryGel Breast Implants?

Mentor, the company that makes the MemoryGel implant, advises surgeons to let patients know that these implants do run the risk of rupture and reoperation or adjustments may be necessary. Long-term safety and effectiveness studies have been conducted, but there are still many unanswered questions associated with the implant. The risk of allergies with these implants is low, but some patients may experience itching and redness at the incision site.
Learn more about silicone implants in our breast augmentation guide, or consult with a plastic surgeon in your area to find out if MemoryGel implants are the right fit for you.