Benefits of CoolLipo for Facial Recontouring

The quality of your skin is the result of sun exposure, age, and your daily lifestyle habits. An unhealthy diet, excessive sun exposure, and even genetics play a leading role in how your skin looks and feels, and many people turn to facelift surgery and laser skin resurfacing procedures to help reverse the signs of aging and sun damage, and to achieve a more youthful appearance.

CoolLipo may be an effective procedure for getting rid of unwanted fatty deposits around the neck, jowls and chin, and offers several facial slimming and recontouring benefits. Here’s a close look at how CoolLipo works, and what its key benefits are for facial recontouring:

How CoolLipo Works

Unlike traditional liposuction, CoolLipo is designed with laser-based technology that helps to emulsify the fat cells before extraction. The emulsification process makes it easier for the physician to remove a significant amount of fat from very small, delicate areas, such as the lower chin, jowels and upper neck area. Since this laser-assisted lipolysis procedure involves heat, the heat energy helps to trigger collagen production around the treated area, resulting in a tightening and toning of the skin.
Small fibers are inserted into the skin after very small incisions. The laser is fired through these fibers to destroy the fat cells in the treatment area, and the temporary burning of the tissues triggers collagen production. The physician then extracts the melted fat from the tissues, removes the fibers, and the incisions close up naturally.
The CoolLipo facial procedure typically takes between one to three hours, and most people can return to work and regular activities the following day.

Facial Recontouring Benefits of CoolLipo

CoolLipo offers a number of benefits over traditional liposuction. In addition to being a quick and efficient procedure, CoolLipo offers the following benefits:
  • Progressive skin tightening results, with improvements up to six months after the procedure
  • Offers immediate, noticeable results
  • Minimal downtime
  • Less bruising, swelling and pain than traditional liposuction procedures
  • Gently destroys the fat cells, so there is minimal disruption to the surrounding tissues
  • Targets loose skin and helps improve the tightening effects
  • Easier for the physician to target small areas of localized fat
  • Quick and efficient in-office procedure
CoolLipo may be an attractive option to a pricey facelift and other types of facial rejuvenation procedures. It does offer permanent results, and poses minimal risks. However, each individual undergoing this procedure will need a significant amount of time to heal completely. Most patients are required to stay out of the sun until the incisions are fully healed, and instructed not to undergo any type of skin resurfacing or skin rejuvenation procedure, such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels or laser resurfacing, because these procedures may interfere with the healing process.
Learn more about facial rejuvenation procedures in our information guide, or consult with a plastic surgeon in your area to find out if you may be a good candidate for CoolLipo and other facial recontouring procedures.