Benefits of Blepharoplasty by Dr Porcaro

By correcting your sagging or drooping eyelids as well as bags and bulges around your eyes, Blepharoplasty or eye can help to restore a more youthful and less tired look. These conditions develop as a result of laxity of the eyelid skin and sometimes from protrusion of fat around the eyes.

Dr. John L. Porcaro, Board Certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, performs Eyelid Surgery in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Dr. John L. Porcaro’s Eyelid Surgery is not limited to older patients, as many individuals inherit a predisposition toward development of fat pouches at an early age. Excess skin is treated by excision, laser resurfacing or chemical peels at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery.

When you come for a Blepharoplasty surgery at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Porcaro will have you take a sleeping pill when you come for the procedure and have an intravenous inserted "just in case". Before the procedure, Dr. Porcaro will carefully mark the areas to be treated. The eyelid skin will be put to sleep. Excess skin and any excess fat will be removed from an incision in your natural skin crease, leaving no noticeable scar. 

When the quality of the lower eyelid skin is reasonably good, the excess fat of the lower eyelid can be removed thru a small incision in the inside of the lower lid, so it is possible to treat this area without any incision on the outside!  

Alternatively, for patients with no significant skin redundancy, excess lower eyelid fat can be delivered thru microincisions made directly over the fat pads, leading to an excellent cosmetic result without the risks inherent with skin removal of the lower eyelid.

Patients who go to Dr. Porcaro for Blepharoplasty surgery will have benefits such as:

  • local anesthetic with oral or IV sedation
  • no need for additional risk or expense of general anesthesia
  • easily performed in AAAHC accredited facility
  • incision made in natural skin crease
  • quick recovery
  • back to light duty in several days
  • single suture removed in 5 days
  • can be performed at time of face lift or filler injections

Whether you would like to stay inside your area or travel outside your area, can help you contact Blepharoplasty doctors to discuss your options and find out if Blepharoplasty surgery is the best option for you.