Beautiful Breasts

Beautiful breast enlargements are those that look completely natural and concentrate on balancing the figure with the right shape, placement and size.

Maximizing the beauty of the breast for each patient requires artistic ability, technical skill and experience. "The surgeon must have a repertoire of procedures and maneuvers that can be combined to tailor the surgery to each individual and maximize the cosmetic potential of the breast," explains Dr. Rastogi. Using the same procedures and same type of implant every time will not give the best result for every patient.

Modern breast implant surgery has become so refined, and the choice of style and shape of implant so great that in the right surgeon's hands a beautiful, natural-appearing result can be achieved. "The surgeon must be able to understand and consider the nature, consistency and movement of the breast and have the experience to choose the right procedure each time," says Dr. Rastogi. "Judging elements such as breast tissue firmness, skin tone and degree of droop will help the surgeon formulate the best possible result."

However, what is a beautiful breast? Dr. Rastogi has found that what most people consider to be a beautiful breast are included in the following points:

  • There should be a gentle slope from the shoulders to the peak of the breast at the nipple (a bump in this slope makes an implant look obvious)
  • The nipple should be located central to the breast mound
  • There should be a gentle arc from the nipple to the base of the breast
  • There should be a natural cleavage
  • When standing front-on, a gentle bulge should be apparent at the side to create an hourglass figure

Ultimately beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is where the desires and dreams of the patient must be considered. "Listening to the patient’s fears and desires helps the surgeon understand exactly what aesthetic result the patient expects," says Dr. Rastogi.

It can be difficult for many patients to articulate their desires in relation to size and shape, how close they want their breasts to be, and how much fullness and projection they want, so Dr. Rastogi uses photographs and drawings as visual aids. He also says: "Sometimes simply by making the patient feel comfortable and spending enough time with her will allow her to express what it is she wants."

Beautiful breasts can be created through breast augmentation. It's a matter of finding a breast augmentation  doctor who firstly listens to the patient to judge their desires then has the artistic and surgical talent to tailor the surgery for that individual patient.

Case Study 1

A very slim lady in her early 30s, this patient required only a small breast implant to achieve a B cup breast size. A round gel implant was placed under the muscle for a more natural appearing result. The patient wished for reasonable upper breast pole fullness so the implant was placed higher to allow for this. Even the use of a small implant has produced feminization of her athletic figure.

Case Study 2

This patient wanted to create a C cup to balance her figure. A round gel implant was chosen and placed in a submuscular pocket. She was extremely thin and was concerned that she presented a very bony and unhealthy appearance. A submuscular pocket was chosen to ensure adequate cover of the implant, resulting in a sporty and attractive appearance. The implant was centred to allow greater fullness in the lower pole to achieve a more natural-looking breast for this patient. Click here to see size C cup breast implant before and after pictures.

Case Study 3

This patient in her mid 20s with broad shoulders and an athletic figure desired a large breast augmentation to achieve a D cup size. A round gel implant was centred behind the nipple to achieve a very natural shaped breast even at this size. A small liposculpture was performed on her outer thighs at the same time to harmonize her figure. click to see size D cup breast implant before and after pictures.