Baby Botox Treatments May Reduce Risk of 'Wrinklerexia'

Botox treatments accounted for nearly 5 million non-surgical cosmetic procedures in 2007, and the numbers continue to climb as more men and women turn to the convenient inject able to battle the signs of aging. While the FDA-approved injectable offers several benefits for the baby boomer generation and those who want to get rid of wrinkles without surgery, it may also be the precursor to an unhealthy obsession known as wrinklerexia. 

Wrinklerexia is the term coined by researchers at The Harley Medical Group in the UK to describe the addiction for wrinkle removal. Reducing the risk of this poor body image disorder may involve cutting back on the Botox jabs and pursuing a series of ‘baby botox’ treatments instead.

What is Baby Botox?

Many cosmetic surgeons are offering a series of ‘Baby Botox’ or ‘Botox Lite’ treatments for patients who only need a minor touchup to regain their youthful looks. The procedure involves a series of smaller-than-average doses of BOTOX to avoid a frozen look. For patients looking for an extensive makeover without a surgical facelift, a combination of Botox, collagen injections and hyaluronic acid fillers can help reduce wrinkles, eliminate fine lines to create a more natural appearance.

The Need for Baby Botox

According to a recent report by The Harley Medical Group, more surgeons are noticing an influx of patients who have started to ‘binge on Botox.’ These patients are requesting several treatments that they may not even need, and those who do succeed at convincing the doctor to perform the procedure often achieve a ‘frozen’ look that quickly turns into an obsession to banish all types of wrinkles. The phenomena known as ‘wrinklerexia’ occurs when a patient becomes addicted to skin rejuvenation treatments in hopes of removing all types of creases, fine lines and wrinkles. Since Botox continues to enjoy a high success rate for freezing the muscles in place, it’s often the preferred choice of wrinklerexia sufferers.

Liz Dale, the Director of The Harley Medical Group explains that "Used properly, Botox is a fantastic cosmetic surgery treatment giving smoother, tighter and more youthful looking skin. But like with any procedure, it’s highly unadvisable to have more done than is necessary. At The Harley Medical Group all Botox treatments are administered by specially trained doctors who will look out for signs of a Botox ’habit’ and will advise patients according to their individual needs" (Source: Harley Medical News)

Baby Botox treatments allow patients to enjoy the benefits of Botox in small doses; instead of having the complete procedure on a too-frequent basis, patients can settle for a series of miniature-Botox procedures that create a more natural look.

The Thermage and Baby Botox Combination Treatment

For those who don’t want to settle for the popular injectable to get rid of wrinkles, skin rejuvenation treatments such as Thermage. Thermage is a skin tightening treatment that has been showing promise for  loose skin around the lower jaw and neck area, but can also be used around the forehead and the eyes. The procedure involves a radiowave ‘lifting’ of the skin tissues, and a series of sessions combined with a baby Botox treatment may help create the youthful look that many crave.

Learn more about BOTOX cosmetic or Thermage for the face in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to develop a treatment plan that works best for you.