Ask the Doctor: Why do BOTOX Prices Vary at Different Offices?

By: Dr. Harold J. Kaplan

Patients often wonder why BOTOX prices vary at different medical offices. Dr. Harold J. Kaplan, board certified facial plastic surgeon, explains why.

Reason #1: Not all BOTOX professionals are the same 

Even though the BOTOX product is the same, the service is not. That would be like using the same hair dye at a salon to color your hair, but going to a low cost hair cut shop versus a high end one. The skill of each practitioner determines how good your results will look and how long they last. 

 Reason #2: The facility might lack training

Let’s go back to the hairdresser reference. Top hair dressers spend a lot of time getting specialty training. Hence, why they charge more. For example, at my practice, Celibre in Los Angeles and Orange County California, we don't just inject. We stay up to date with the latest injectable techniques and pride ourselves on shaping the face. We educate the patient too, which is why they keep coming back. Our BOTOX injection nurses go through ongoing training regarding new and better BOTOX injection techniques. These techniques better shape your face and provide longer lasting results. This investment in education takes time and money on our part, but ultimately leads to better results for our BOTOX patients.

Reason #3: You might be getting a diluted form of BOTOX

There are BOTOX doctors out there who will not dilute BOTOX according to manufacturer's recommendations.  For example, a higher dilution rate actually means less units of BOTOX for you. If you are used to getting BOTOX, you may notice because the results fade away more quickly (several weeks to 2 months). While we cannot verify this for any particular facility, we know that some people do overdilute BOTOX.

Reason #4: You are not paying doctor fees

BOTOX is a prescription.  Many medical facilities that inject BOTOX never have the patient meet with an MD, PA or NP beforehand. That is a violation of California law. Many facilities, I know of,  are providing "discount BOTOX injections" without having the MD, PA or NP meet with the patient for a BOTOX good faith exam. This exam, while relatively routine, is an important component of legally providing BOTOX to a patient.  It should not be skipped. 

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