Are "Super Size" Implants a Good Idea? Woman Reveals 50-Pound Breast Implants

An exotic dancer by the name of Chelsea Charms recently appeared on “This Morning” in Great Britain to reveal her D-cup breast implants that weigh more than 50 pounds. According to Fox News, these types of implants were developed by a U.S. plastic surgeon and banned by the Food and Drug Administration shortly after their release. The “super size” implants are made out of a material that expands after the implant has been inserted into the breast tissue. This means that the breasts continue to grow after the procedure, and can weigh several times more than their initial weight.

Are super size implants a good idea? If you’ve considered increasing the size of your breasts by several cup sizes, talk to your plastic surgeon about your goals during your consultation. A cosmetic surgeon or board-certified plastic surgeon can show you breast implant before and after pictures  procedures, and help you determine which size will be the best match for you based on your height, weight and body shape.

How Do I Manage My Super Sized Breast Implants?

According to Ms. Charms, the super size breast implants are causing her some back problems but she is doing back exercises to strengthen her muscles. She also states that her bust size does pose other challenges. Eating can be difficult because she has to sit so far from the table.

Women with very large breasts often complain about excessive back pain and may find it difficult to undertake certain aerobic exercises such as running, step aerobics or even kickboxing. Some women also experience neck pain or migraine headaches because of the added stress on the back and chest areas. If these women aren’t able to find a bra that provides enough support, they will can end up with scars and discomfort from too-tight breast straps, and irritation around the edges of the bra.

Why Surgeons Suggest You Shouldn't Go Too Large?

If you decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery, your plastic surgeon is most likely to recommend an increase of just one or two cup sizes. According to the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery,  women who opt for larger implants increase their risk of hardness and rippling of the breasts. If the breasts are very large rippling can be even more obvious. Other problems with breasts that are too large include drooping and stretching of the skin, stretch marks, sleeping problems and posture problems.

Talk to an experienced, cosmetic surgeon or board-certified plastic surgeon in your area if you are thinking about breast augmentation surgery.